Practice Battle with Fighter Pilots

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska to practice a battle with our allie Fighter Pilots. Maxing 48 troops online, fast tactics gave us the victory. Thank you guys for attending the event. Also huge shout out to the Fighter Pilots who came and spent a great time with us! Make sure to say ‘thank you’ if you meet someone from that amazing army!

Remember to check out our discord server for upcoming battle with ACP (#ausia-events-information) and U-LEAD training (#events-information). Much love!

Ben’s Final Battle: Monkey Event

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto CP Armies: Alaska for a practice battle against the Templars. However, this was no ordinary PB, it was also our special retirement event for our beloved leader Monkey Ben!

The Ice Warriors dressed up in special Monkey costumes for Ben, did Monkey-themed tactics, and changed our discord names and profile photos to Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to honor the Egyptian King himself.

We battled it out Inside the Mine, the Iceberg, and the Docks. We were able to win this battle 3-0 favoring the Ice Warriors! It was an awesome retirement event!

In case you missed out on the fun- check out the battle photos below!

=== Max: 77 ===

During Ben’s time as an Ice Warriors leader he has made a significant impact on both our army as well as the CPA community as a whole. His contributions will never be forgotten. He will be missed greatly as a leader and has now taken on the role of Ice Warriors Advisor. If you see Ben around in the discord make sure to ping him @Ben Monkey!

Ben, thank you for everything, we love you and we will miss you!

Love you all,

Divisional Practice Battle vs Water Vikings

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we had a divisional practice battle with our blue allies! Battle between IW Polar vs IW Blizzard vs Water Vikings (winners) gave us much fun and proved that we can work good even if we are splited into smaller groups. Thank you guys for coming!

Remember to check our discord server for upcoming battles! Much love!

Practice Battle with Water Vikings

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska to practice a battle with our allie Water Vikings. Maxing 58 troops online, fast tactics gave us the victory. Thank you guys for attending the event. Also huge shout out to the Water Vikings – blue teams stick together!

Great job guys! Remember to check #ausia-events-information on our discord server – big battle with Help Force is coming! Stay frosty!

Divisional Practice Battle: Polar vs. Blizzard vs. Clown Rebellion

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Alaska for a for a US practice battle with the Polar Division, Blizzard Division, and our friends from the Clown Rebellion! Today’s battle was judged by our very own, Iceyfeet1234!

In case you missed out on the fun… check out the photos below!

=== Max: 58 ===

The battle results are as follows:

Congrats to the Polar & Blizzard Divisions on the tie!
Amazing job from the Clown Rebellion as well!

Amazing job to all Ice Warriors who attended today’s event and a huge Thank You to the Clown Rebellion for practice battling us! ❤ As always, make sure to check out #events-information for a MYSTERY EVENT happening THIS THURSDAY!

Love you all,

AUSIA Practice Battle vs. LEGO Man Army!

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today the Ice Warriors logged on to Alaska to host a fun AUSIA Practice Battle with our friends the LEGO MAN Army [Hoo Rah]! Our troops had a great time battling it out, big thanks to Mr. LEGO MAN for joining us!

MAX: 41

Thats all everyone! Make sure to check out #events-infomation for our next event [Divisions Battle] tomorrow! Who will win- Polar or Blizzard?

Love you all,

The Official Retirement of Madhav 2

Dear IW,

Thank you. Thank you for taking me in on March 14th, the official date of me rejoining due to coronavirus. I did not expect to stay this long but I did and throughout this time, I’ve made many lifelong friends along with some of the best memories of my life.


Do not read if you are offended by profanity.

I’m gonna **TRY** to keep this post short and sweet (EDIT: I FAILED) but the concept of armies had always intrigued me. Joining my first one, DW, in 2012 at age 9 was definitely the highlight of my fourth-grade year. I worked as hard as I could and was truly passionate about Club Penguin armies so people would always tell me I’d make a great leader one day. Did I think that would happen in 2020? Hell no. If you’d tell me I’d spend Spring Break and beyond leading the Ice Warriors in hmmmm let’s say January, I’d laugh in your face. But it happened and I am so glad it did because I had so much fun during this time.

I would like to outline some of my highlights throughout this entire journey. As I mentioned above, I rejoined on March 14th, 2020 and received the rank of Second in Command and began my tenure in IW. Right away, we began the DCP war where things were as toxic as ever, with Epic owning the league at this time and CPO thriving with all of the server bars full. This was the point which IW grew to incredible numbers and we truly did take our sizes for granted in those days. We could get 80 people on with a single chat ping haha. Of course, we had the March Madness Semis, the tournament rigged in favour of DCP where we were seen to have the ridiculous uniformed max of 165. Then on April 27th 2020, I was officially given the rank of leader.

Soon after this time, however, CPO shut down and we faced the fact that our max was going to drop drastically. Our first event on CPA:TG saw us with the max of 72 against RPF and DCP in a 3-way battle which we lost. Then two days later, we pulled off an upset against RPF, beating them 2-1 in a fun battle, landmarking one of my first big victories as leader, even though I wasn’t the main battle leader of this one.

In late May, my friends and I made the decision to leave for Pirates, which we soon went back on, rejoining an IW operated by Iceyfeet1234 alone. This is a big piece of the puzzle as this inspired the rest of the leaders, 11, Ben, Flamez, Regan, Shinde, Zuke and I to work even harder for IW. We knew we had the Legends Cup X approaching shortly and knew we had to pick up the slack if we wanted to make a run for the chip.

My first time maxing 100+ without CPO came during the Flamez golden mop event, an event we hyped in preparation for the battle vs. ACP. It was a fun event, yet controversial one as other armies felt it was a disadvantage to them that we could give out custom items while they couldn’t. My reply to them is: Find yourself a Zuke.

Anyways, next, we had the ACP battle, a.k.a the biggest battle of my life. For three straight days, I was recruiting, hyping and pushing staff to hype. Also during this time, I was brainstorming both tactics AND situations with 11 because we were trying to be ready for anything. This was such a huge battle because there had been a lot of trash talk going on in the days building up to the battle, including ACP leaking one of our custom items :wary:. But this battle was insane. We pulled out 120 troops and ended up winning in OT, officially marking this as the best battle of my CP armies career.

Next weekend, we faced our allies at the time RPF. This was also an incredibly huge battle for me as I hyped and recruited non-stop for this too. We managed around 110 troops to log on while RPF had 160. Even though we were outmanned by 50, we managed to take RPF to 5 rooms, finally being defeated in OT #2. It was a valiant defeat and we took it with great honour. 

The most recent highlight for me has to be the formation of the BIA (Black Ice Alliance) and declaring war on DCP together. The declaration of war on DCP is definitely the most passionate post I’ve written in my CPA career and I was extremely angry writing it. But in my opinion, it still stands. The hatred I have for the Doritos anyways. But I’m most proud of crumbling DCP’s New Dawn Alliance within 24 hours and taking the server Rocky Road in our 1v1 battle vs. DCP, maxing 98. (Shout out Mighty and Honda, yes you indeed made my retirement post)

The march on Summit was incredible. Thank you to RPF and DW for everything you have done for IW and celebrating the capture of Summit with us. P.S. You can’t spell bias without BIA. 

Recently the March Madness tournament was given back to us. Maxing 101 without allies in AUGUST, without CPO, against DCP to prove how wrong they were about us was the best feeling in the world. They stood no chance and we felt invincible going into that battle. IW is so strong man.. I hope all of you guys reading this post are able to see the potential of this army being able to continue for years and years to come. The possibilities are endless with this group.

Next up, we won the March Madness tournament. I don’t care what people try and call it. I have permission from a CPOAL head of board to have it be called March Madness, a tournament that finished unfairly. I want to shout out our brother allies for an amazing fight. DW, you’re so good and you’ve been with us from the start. I want to reiterate how much it means to us.

Now onto my personal thank yous:

Regan– Regan, you are truly one of a kind. I’ve never met someone so charismatic and funny. You are so good at making people laugh and be happy and I’m so glad that every time I came into the chat, you would be doing something to make me laugh or make others laugh. The IW troops truly love you and I don’t blame them. How many joke armies did we make together? We thought we were the funniest people on the planet running Ice Doritos and Da best army together. You are so good at engaging the Ice Warrior community and I would want no one other than you to carry the weight on your shoulders and carry this army moving forward. Dude when I first met you, I thought you were just some patriotic Irish dude, which you are, but you’re so much more than that. You’re a true friend and anyone in your life who has had the opportunity to be close to you is lucky, dude. You hosted hide and seeks, fun events, kahoots, and did things such as the Alberto Warriors through the love of your heart. You’ve never had any intentions of using the power that you’ve garnered for bad and always spread positivity through your contagious laugh and I’ll never forget our conversations in Hollywood, Leaders GC or jamming out to music with you and Cargo. I love you, Regan. WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Alex– You’ve been one of the best troops I’ve ever seen walk through those IW doors. You learned so fast and it’s ridiculous how good you are. I remember when I used to host Icey’s recruiting sessions on CPO in early April and more often than not, you’d be the only one there recruiting with me so I may or may not have doubled a couple of your promotions 😛 . But I do not regret it. You were someone I felt I could tell anything and everything to you and I still can. You’re a great person and I’ll always be here for you whenever you need or advice or if you need to talk. The trust I have in you is ridiculous because you’re a true friend Alex, and for that I thank you. You’re the future of IW and I knew it right away. Advocating hard for your promotion was one of my smarter ideas as leader and I’m glad you got it! You have nothing but positive contributions and you’re a fantastic leader and friend. Love you, Alex.

Iceyfeet1234– Icey, I love you dude. You are definitely the kindest person I’ve ever met and I’m so honoured that you let me lead IW with you. Back in the day, you were someone I saw as untouchable and never would I ever have thought that I would get the chance to lead with you one day. You trolling us and giving us heart attacks every day were definitely the highlights of that. Teaching you about inspect element came with its downfalls, but I’m so glad I did because some of the laughs I got from you were insane. I’ve never seen a man so creative and so determined to grow his army. Icey, you are the best recruiter of all time and it’s not even close. Your methods in teaching me and the rest of the staff are unparalleled and its the reason IW has grown and continued to grow. Thank you Iggy Pop. PLZZ PERFORM LUST FOR LIFE.

Flamez– FLAMUUUUUUUU 😥 I’m so glad that I had you in my corner during everything. You always found ways to make a joke in the most random times and never ever failed to make me laugh. Talking to you on vc, however few times, and the Carmelo chronicles were the highlights of my tenure. You stuck by us during everything bro. No laptop? No problem. I’ve never seen a man so hungry to kill DCP and bro, I’m so glad that I was able to trust you in toughest situations. The advice you gave us was the reason for our success and not only were you a terrific leader but also a fabulous advisor. I hope IW can continue to appreciate you for how good of a person and a friend you are. Thank you for being my big brother. (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

Ben– Some of the greatest laughs in my life come from your statements. I jokingly started the monkey thing and look how huge it’s gotten. If anyone saw our dm’s we’d be in trouble :flushed: because we never stopped the energy and fun. I am so glad I could lead with you and witness your headstrong approach first-hand. Thank you for telling us your brilliant stories and calling your enemies monkeys. You never fail to have a comeback and when you roast someone, they’re basically finished. I remember how scared I used to be of you when I first rejoined but soon enough saw you were just a harmless little monkey! I love you Ben Salah.

Shinde– You are an amazing and kind person Shinde. You care for every troop and genuinely talk to each and every single one of them. You’ve stuck by IW from the start and will stick by till the finish. You are so valuable to the team. You’re so sweet and talented with discord functions. If we didn’t have you in our corner, we’d probably have been kicked out of the league by now… XD. But fr, thank you for never being mean to me, ever, no matter how stupid I’ve been during my time here. You are an incredible person and a true Ice Warrior queen.

Cargo– Hey Cargo, thanks for being such a good friend to me. We’ve had so many laughs together and you’ve always listened to music with me. I remember I felt like I was hot shit when you started calling me DJ Madhav 2. I made a server and everything but only you joined it LOOOOOL. I also remember one time we were chilling in vc and I moved a guy named Yoda into our vc. The man had the deepest voice I’ve ever heard and I remember how we both broke down laughing at his greeting “What’s up ******?” LOL. But you were around for it all. All of IW’s big battles and you helped us whenever I asked you to. You’re a fantastic leader and a great friend. Hopefully we can be retired friends together.

Orange – My bro, I’m so glad I got to be reunited with you recently. Taking you from ACP was one of the best things I’ve done as IW leader because it brought a true friend and a good ass troop to IW. You’re such a chill guy and I’m really glad that I am able to be myself around you. Laughing with you and laughing at you in those vc’s in the middle of the night mean the world to me and I know that we’ll stay in contact for a long ass time. You’re a super chill dude and thanks for always helping me out. I’m never gonna forget the Chaos raid when I showed up on your chat as a null and you read out my name to me. LMAO I was genuinely like WTF is this guy a detective. But fr, Ily.

Crazzy – Damn dude I didn’t even know who you were till like mid-June. But I’m so glad that we became friends. You’re a really funny person and your loyalty to your army and allies is unmatched. I’m so happy we bonded over the common hatred of DCP among other things… We finished them and their shitty little alliance in less than a week LOL. We also shared our love for RFCP… You’ve charmed this old war dog… We developed so many inside jokes and had some funny ass vc’s. Thank you for everything!

I know I can’t write a paragraph for everyone but here are some others that I would like to thank:

Dizzy, Zuke, Aly, Freezie, Erick, Law, Aubz & CCHBM, Barry, Quinn, Noa, Julia, Cosmo, Cheeseater, Buddy, 32op, Rahaima, Funks, Cliff, Pookie, Bucky, Twas, Lemonade, Panini, PINK, Zambi, Oli, Da Best, Alberto, Xing

Armies I’d like to thank: DW & RPF. I love you guys. BIA forever…

I would also like to thank and shout out all of the Ice Warriors troops. You are amazing people. Thanks for being supportive of our army through all sorts of transitions. IW is gonna live on and thrive. I have 0 doubts in my mind about this fact. Leaders don’t make IW. YOU guys do. I’m so proud to have led such a good batch of troops. I was blessed with the best HCOM and staff team in the world. I love you guys. YOU are the future of IW. Keep working hard and you’ll be leading this army in no time, right next to Iceyfeet.

And lastly, a big thank you to all my enemies and haters. Thanks for putting me in your little hit lists and talking shit behind my back. Thanks for leaking my shit aswell. I go to sleep easier knowing I live rent-free in your heads. Hope you enjoyed the whooping! 😉 #IWALFOREVER #MADHAVPLAYSPEOPLE #DATTEBAYO

Divisional Practice Battle [Polar vs. Blizzard]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Summit where we held our first Divisional Practice Battle with our re-vamped divisions!  This was a 3-way battle with the Polar Division, Blizzard Division, and the Templars

Maxing 69 Ice Warriors across both divisions our troops had a great time battling it out!  Big thanks to TCP!

The results of the battle- judged by Iceyfeet1234 !

Thats all everyone! Make sure to check out #events-infomation for our next event this Saturday!

Love you all,

Alex, Ice Warriors Leader