Busy –

Afternoon Ice Warriors!

Its Bam here and I’m currenty in the islands – I’ll be fully back and super active in a few days. Make sure to attend tomorrows invasion! SUPER IMPORTANT




[US] Training Session – RESULTS!

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we enjoyed our first raid-free event, and we did awesome hitting sizes of 40, averaging 35! In just a matter of days, we’ve become the biggest army in warfare once more. I’m so proud of the overall effort everyone has shown since we’ve reopened, NR will be no match for us. 🙂

~Bad, Ice Warriors Leader

[USA] Training Session

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today we had a training session on our beloved server, Sub Zero! We were again visited by our little friends, but even they couldn’t stop us from achieving 40+. 

Maxed 40+






Lord Trader

IW Leader


Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we held our re-opening event on our historical capital, Sub Zero! And despite being raided on and off by angry Nigerians vouching for clean water, we did awesome! We hit sizes of around 30, averaging 26. Great job IW!



~Bad, Ice Warriors Leader

Addressing Our Leadership List

No one but the people below should be added to our leadership list:

Iceyfeet1234, IW Creator and 1st  Leader

Albert417, 2nd IW Leader

Bearsboy10, 3rd IW Leader

Tes7, 4th IW Leader

Surferboysc, 4th IW Leader

Kingfunks4, 6th 

Albcoolio, 7th IW Leader

Gtudsd, 7th IW Leader

Andrew 24, 8th IW Leader

SpyGuy202, 9th IW Leader

Ghost, 10th IW Leader

Cargo, 11th IW Leader

Spikey, 12th IW Leader

These are the official leaders, if anyone says anything else it’s false. You have to be in the leadership position for a month straight to be added to this list.

What Is Dead May Never Die

The Ice Warriors are back..

and we will stay.

After months of death and despair we have finally found a set of leaders that are willing and able to lead an army back to its former greatness. We believe they can achieve great heights during this summer and possibly even take home a tournament win. Ghost and I will be helping as much as we can, but we do not intend to get into the leaderships way.

Trader, Bam, and Badboy have agreed to the terms Icey, Ghost and myself laid out.

They’ll be officially leading the Ice Warriors.

Another post will be added most likely later tonight or tomorrow.

Best of luck to Bam, Trader and Bad.

Kings Never Die

signing off,