Ice Warriors 2014 Recap

Hey Ice Warriors,

It’s time for me to recap the pictures and the events IW has accomplished in the 2014 year. We hope to make it an even better year in 2015 by rewriting the history books.

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IWNH: The End Of A Great Year

Happy New Year from everyone at the Ice Warriors!

I would love it if you would click ‘Read More’ and read the post summarizing our fantastic year in the Ice Warriors.

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Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today we faced off against the evil Light Troops in a massive battle. We stormed the server Ice Box and ultimately defeated the Light Troops to the point where they cheated and decided to enter the next room early – resulting in an Ice Warriors victory. Great job today, Ice Warriors!



My collections of Coins for Change pins!!!

Hey Ice Warriors,

I’m just a little bored, so l decided to make a post about my ‘collections’ of coins for change pins.

Coins For Change pins[CFC] through the years: 2011-present

~Kyle75642/Kyle103 Fourth In Command


Prepare for battle with the Light Troops, very soon! 

Lets keep it fair, no botting  ,no multi logging , no allies, no DDosing and the rest of the stuff LT do. 


Soldier art work [Pingo88521]

Hello Ice Warriors,

Pingo88521 has made some really good art work, so i’m going to post it on here!

Here it is:


Thanks Pingo for the awesome art work, we loved it!

Until next next time, Gtudsd Ice Warriors Leader

IWNH: Reminders – Star Wars Rebels takeover in 2015

Hey Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ –
Club Penguin confirmed that the Star Wars Rebel takeover will be held on January 2015.

-It will be based on the Disney X D CGI-animated television series Star Wars Rebels.

  • The party was confirmed on the What’s New Blog on November 26, 2014.
  • It will be the first sponsored party in 2015 and the eleventh sponsored party overall.
  • It will be the second Star Wars-related party, with the first being the Star Wars Takeover in July 2013.
  • There will be a Lothal Communication Tower-themed Igloo.


Interview #1

Hey IW, Today i interviewed Snowy Iw Advisor and Retired 4ic i asked him some questions about himself. so i took a small interview about snowy

Me:- Hi Snowy today I’m going to ask you some questions.

Snowy :- ok!

Me:- So, Snowy you were Ice Warriors 4ic How was your experience in Ice warriors

Snowy:-pretty good, i was active troop and i tried coming to events in start

Me:-you were happy in Ice Warriors so why you retired?

Snowy :-i had enough after being demoted several times for not recruiting and becoming less active,plus i need to focus on my life.

Me:- so you gonna return to ice warriors some day or you just wanted
to be retired?

Snowy :- i can’t make any promises that i would come back or not. but atm Im retired,im mostly want to stay retired.

Me:- thx for your time!

Snowy :- Your Welcome

Harsh,IW 5IC