Throwback: Goodbye Stage, Hello Puffle Berry Mall – June 4th, 2015

Hey Ice Warriors!

Yesterday, I posted about the Frozen Takeover party, and now I bring you another throwback, to when the Stage was removed off the streets of Club Penguin, and replaced by the very popular Puffle Berry Mall.




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Throwback: CP Frozen Takeover Club Penguin – July 26th, 2014

Hey Ice Warriors!

I have not posted anything in a while, and it has been 2 years since I posted anything on this site. I am doing this because Club Penguin is shutting down very soon, and in memory of a party that was once popular in this army, I give you a post about CP Frozen, which was announced to be happening way back on July 26th, 2014.

A throwback to when the Frozen Party got us very huge, because we are an “Ice” Army and that creates more opportunity to attract recruits that can relate. A lot of people joined during the Frozen Party, some who have even stayed with us since then.

You can read more about this party, on my ‘CP Frozen Takeover‘ post.

A lot of people don’t really like this party at all, but that’s because this party is from a kids movie, and the comments were also wild… (Hehe Purple)

Polo Field mentions us in my post about the Frozen Party, along with some future plans. I think it’s pretty cool.

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PB With Night Warriors (Raided)

Hey Ice Warriors, today we were at a pb with Night Warriors and we maxed 24 at plaza then Night Warriors came and coincidentally there were bots raiding NW, so after the bots basically raided both of us because, NW was in our room we lost size. We averaged around 18-20. Tactics were good.


Ghost Edit: I hate you.

Yeah, that just happened. 

Deal with it.

[UNSCHEDULED UK] Training on Husky

51f56f7b6a8f40daa87c8d6543edf918Today we had an unscheduled on Husky where we maxed 25+. No one barely took pictures so we only got one picture but Good Job Ice Warriors!

Ice Warrior Game Night #1: Town of Salem

Hello Ice Warriors,

You have voted and tonights game will be…. TOS! Everyone please make sure you have an account and please! We will be playing at around 8:30 tonight! Be there or be square.

– DrMatt, Ice Warrior Leader

[USA] Sub Zero Training Session

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we held a Training Session on our historic capital, Sub Zero. We were able to reach sizes of 45+ and managed to maintain 40 throughout the event. Tactics were almost perfect the entire event and we even had a few rogues join in and help out. We also got raided mid-way through the event but we fought through it and defeated them! Keep it up Ice Warriors, great job!

Maxed: 45+

Averaged: 40+














Ice Warrior Game Night!

Greetings IW,

As I said in my introduction post, I promised to bring fun into the Army. It’s been decided that every friday, we will have a game night! It will always be after the US event of course and we will even have some game nights for UK  after UK events later in the summer. Every week a poll will go up and we will decide what we will be playing on that Friday!


8:30 PM EST