Rockhopper & Stu Crash IW Event

On February 24th, the Ice Warriors were preparing for our battle; Coffee vs Pizza vs PIC when two very unexpected and famous penguins showed up. Iceyfeet1234, being famous in the CPA community himself, was still super excited to see Stu and Rockhopper at our event!

The famous mascot Rockhopper had heard about IW’s event and logged on to join us, bringing in Stu himself, and many new recruits for IW! Our troop recruiting force better look out, Rockhopper is already breaking records.

But who even is Rockhopper? Rockhopper is one of the legendary Mascots from the original Club Penguin. He owns the Migrator ship that’s docked at the Lighthouse at parties, accompanied by his adorable red Puffle Yarr. This is also where Snow and I got the inspiration for our ship in the IW Minecraft server!

Okay, we know who Rockhopper is, but who is Stu? Good question! Stu is one of the game developers of CP Rewritten, and he pretty much owns the game. Kind of like how Iceyfeet is the creator of IW, Stu is the creator of CP Rewritten. Ever since the original Club Penguin was shutting down four years ago, he’s been running the game with his team, allowing us to continue holding events on Club Penguin! Although… he’s not a big fan of armies…

When these legendary penguins’ arrived, IW completely DESTROYED army records. An event with Rockhopper and Stu attending, with the increasing size of 79 troops, which quickly turned into 83+ troops online, going from a 1 bar server to an instant record-breaking 5 bar server, that ended up being full. No other army in CPA history has ever had a mascot attend their event like this, IW truly is legendary!

Did you get the chance to meet Rockhopper and Stu at our event? If not, don’t fret! There are going to be lots of opportunities to meet both penguins and other mascots in the future! So make sure you have your CP Rewritten account ready for when we ping in our Cheat channel about mascots appearing online!

Who is your favourite Club Penguin mascot? Comment your thoughts below!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

2 Responses

  1. Awesome article subs! This was such a crazy beginning of the event 😀


  2. This article is so well written Subs💖! The event was truly incredible and it was amazing having the legendary penguins. Rockhopper and Stu at our event!😁

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