Fan Art Friday#15

Hey Ice Warriors!

Hope you’re having a happy Friday! This week we have a variety of art pieces from both staff and troops that have been selected from the #fan-art channel. The talent we have is absolutely incredible! Keep on posting everyone, next week your art may also be featured! Keep on reading to view the pieces that were chosen for this week!

Our first piece is a beautiful digital art from our Advisor, Shinde!

IWGirl by Shinde

IceQueen: Hey Shinde, this is so beautiful! What did you use to make it and what’s the inspiration behind it?

Shinde: I made it in I love art, I draw but in the traditional way on paper. But, I wanted to try my skills with graphics programs and make something for IW – in this case, huge shout out to Revan who showed me how to use and supported me on each step.

This next piece is very interesting, made from one of our Allies, Aiden!

Robot Production Line #0001 (RPL0001) By Aiden

IceQueen: Hey Aiden, this is so cool! What program did you use to make it and whats the inspiration behind the piece?

Aiden: Metal noises :AmogUs: LMAO, no but seriously I literally thought of metal noises and got this. I used Autodesk Sketchbook, it’s free on android. :YAYAYA:

The next 2 pieces are beautiful drawings from our Sergeant, RedWalkzz and our Private, Scarlett.

Goku by RedWalkzz | Right: Spiderman by Scarlett

IceQueen: These drawings are epic, how did you create them?

RedWalkzz: I tried to recreate it from another drawing, and because it was too easy I thought to kinda twist the image, and I watched a video for some help with the fists, cus I am not good at fists 😀

Scarlett: Well, I found the picture online, and I drew it, i outlined it with a black pen and coloured it with colour pencils.

The following work is from our amazing Trusted Staff, Subster!

Jedi by Subster

IceQueen: This is stunning, what did you use and what’s the story behind it?

Subster: I used photoshop and basically I had finished watching the Mandalorian Season 2 and it really inspired me to draw so I drew this Jedi character! It took a long time but I’m really happy with the results, especially the background.

The last piece for this week is by our awesome Captain, kozs2000!

IW Hoodie (Possible IW store in the future???) by kosz2000

IceQueen: Hey Kozs! This is drawn so well, what did you use to make it?

Kozs2000: Just pencil, paper and some markers.  The color doesn’t look as smooth because most of my markers are dry lol.

That’s it for today everyone! Which art work is your favourite? Comment below to let us know! 

If you would like your art to be featured next time, make sure to post it in the #fan-art channel of our Discord! As always, remember to…



Ice Warriors Leader-In-Training

4 Responses

  1. art :chefskiss:


  2. Look mom! Im on a website!


  3. My goku was the best 😀 But srsly, these drawings are great!! Shinde? Oh cheff kiss. Spiderman by my good ol’ friend scarlett, amazing. The robot design, oh I love AI. And oh the detailing of the shirt. Great drawings everyone!


  4. These are all so amazing!!


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