LT Declaration of war (Why its a fail)

The title may sound like a CPAC post, but I just want to show you guys this fail (And yes I have alb’s permission, dale.) Continue reading

The Light Troops’ Declaration of War and some Defenses *IMPORTANT*

Daleboxtel Edit: As you Probably know, from Monday – Friday (It’s that Monday today) I will be Gone. Most of you Know why. But I will return on Saturday to be Active, Ect. Also, Last Night I made an IW Video. Here It is.

Well, apparently after their fun raid in our practice battle, the Light Troops have decided to declare war on us. Oh, and they have reasons too.

Good reasons, I guess.

From their post, they get the dates wrong, so I corrected them. Below are the details on the defenses.

Defense of Chinook

When: Tuesday, May 1st

Times: 6:00PM EST || 5:00PM CST || 4:00PM MST || 3:00PM PST || 11:00PM UK


Defense of Deep Freeze

When: Wednesday, May 2nd

Times: 6:00PM EST || 5:00PM CST || 4:00PM MST || 3:00PM PST || 11:00PM UK


Defense of Below Zero

When: Thursday, May 3rd

 Times: 6:00PM EST || 5:00PM CST || 4:00PM MST || 3:00PM PST || 11:00PM UK

These events are important, so make sure to come!

Comment if you can come to these events!


Promotion Event Results

Hey there everyone! Today, we have won the practice battle against the Ninjas. We began doing tactics in the Town while waiting for them to show up at the Town 5 minutes before it started. Meanwhile, the Light Troops decided to come on and disguise themselves in our colors. Wwebestfan told me they were planning to yell out “TURN YELLOW” in order to steal some troops. They did just that but failed and the battle commenced and progressed at the Snow Forts.

We maxed a size of 25 troops, which was the size we were aiming for. Our lines and tactics were very good too. Promotions should be released either tomorrow or on May 1st. Pictures from the 3-way battle are below!






Server Cleansing Results

I totally forgot to post this. It’s better than nothing, though. So let’s recap through some the servers we’ve been, shall we?


And that’s about it.


[TODAY] Promotion Event!

Dale Edit: On Monday (The coming One) I will be in-active for 4 days. I am going on a School Trip. So For Monday-Friday, I will not be attending events.

Woot, I finally managed for us to get an event for this weekend! I just wanted to make a short post since this should be a big event for us. We will be having a practice battle with the Ninjas! After the many events we’ve had this week, this is the perfect time for promotions as well.

Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs. Ninjas

When: [TODAY] Sunday, April 29th

Server: Rocky Road

Times: 3PM EST || 2PM CST || 1PM MST || 12PM PST || 8PM UK

For this event, we should be able to max at least 20+ or more. 

Comment if you can/can’t come for this event!

Server Cleansing – Decent Results

Server Cleansing

Decent Results..

Hello Ice Warriors, Today on the 25th Of April, 2012, European Troops had some Server Cleansing to do. We did 3 Servers, and I attempted to Vary the Rooms. Although the servers were pretty much empty, and that this was in very short notice, the overall cleansing went decent. As we Only Managed to reach 8+, and Averaged 5+, I decided we could all share the Tactics. Everyone had their turn, Ect.. Most of us Performed well. Except someone on Chat called “Miky514” (No Offense Miky) Who didn’t seem to get into line, and ordered strange Tactics like “JUNK YARD” and “KICK IN THE NUTS” Our performance was slightly Slow, but In the end we got there. Although I can say I am pleased with the Results, I except better in the Future. That is all. Here are some Pictures (Click Read More)

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4ic Elections Voting

Now that applying is over, the voting can commence! Below are the candidates who you can choose to vote for!

So there are 5 candidates you can choose to vote for. Oh, and by the way, the voting will be done by commenting. So please answer the following below.

1. Club Penguin Username

2. Candidate’s name

3. Why you voted for the candidate

Good luck to everyone!


Server Cleansing **COMMENT**

One thing we haven’t done in a while is server cleansing. By looking at our nations page, we have a lot of servers. However, we don’t have to do all of them. We’ll go spend probably 5-10 minutes on each server, so we can get through them quickly. Below are the plans for the week.

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