IWNH: How To Earn a Promotion

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Defense of Breeze – RESULTS!

Hey Ice Warriors! Today we logged on to Ice Box then Breeze to aid ACP with their defense of Breeze in which the Light Troops used CPPA so they can’t call us out on allies. We did really good today and the sizes and pictures can be found below! Great job today, IW!

Max: 32

Average: 29

Here is LT being scared and running to their igloo during the event 🙂

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IWNH: 4th in the Top Ten!

Ice Warriors News Hub – This week the Ice Warriors were placed 4th in the Official Top Ten Armies!

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Ice Warriors News Hub – In order to increase our sizes, we must recruit. Although the well known chat recruiting can also be successful, the use of autotyping has become increasing popular and effective. Therefore, I have made a step-by-step guide that I hope you all find helpful!

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WAR RECAP [11/23/14 – 11/29/14]

Greetings Ice Warriors,

This week consisted the first set of attacks of The Grand Alliance (Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, ACP) against the Light Troops and their allies. We were ultimately successful in all battles and we will continue to be. Stay alert and prepare for upcoming future battles that will be posted on the website. Below is a recap of trainings and past battles between us and the enemy. Click “Continue Reading” to view them!

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Your New 4ic

Hello Ice Warriors!

My name is West, and I am your brand new 4ic. I’ve joined the Ice Warriors in hopes of helping to make the army even bigger and win this war. A little about myself; I joined the Doritos back in the summer of 2012. I was eventually granted leadership in the summer of 2013. After taking a time of leave, I again took a role in the Doritos. I was again granted leadership of the army in March of 2014. I left the Doritos earlier this month after turmoil in the army. I then found myself leading the Shadow Troops until its recent merge into the Light Troops. I refuse to join Light Troops, as they are my most loathed army.

Ice Warriors, I look forward to serving a lot of time in this army. If anyone may have any questions to ask me, feel free to pc me on our chat! See you all around. 🙂

Lord West, Ice Warriors 4th in Command

Recruiting Proof Needed

Hello Troops,

As many of you may obviously know, there are some people who may put “[RECRUITING]” in their name when leaders ask them to recruit. Some of you might be pretending and this will not work any longer as we will request proof.

Whenever you recruit, we need you to PC the owner or leaders what server you are on and/or give a screenshot to a leader/owner.  If we find that you are lying, there will be consequences.

-Abcool [Ice Warriors 5ic]

-Gtudsd [Ice Warriors Leader]


TROOP OF THE WEEK 23/11/14 – 30/11/14

Hey Ice Warriors

after an eventful week with Battles Vs the Light troops, It’s that magical time of the week where I decide the Troop Of the Week,

Now This weeks Troop of the week is……..


The Reasons I have Chose Sammie for Troop of the week is for Being active, attending lots of events, Helping with recruits And Recruiting!


Remember to become TOTW be active, Go to events And Help With Recruits!