IW Training Session USA [RESULTS]

Max Size: 25-27

Average Size: 20

Tactics: 8/10


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Impressive US Event! [26/02/14]

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today, the Ice Warriors US Division, had a great training session on the server Husky! We stayed in the Town for the whole session. We got some good sizes, averaging about 10 to 14 troops, and maxing 17 troops, we also pulled off some good tactics.

Keep in mind, there is a very important tournament battle on Sunday, please make sure to attend that, and keep putting your all into the Ice Warriors! Thanks all who attended!

Here are the pictures –

E+9  E+C

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Retirement of Surferboysc (aka Ben)

My short term as leader in this army is coming to an end.  I am retiring from both the Ice Warriors and the community as a whole.   I’ve had my share of leadership, and I’m sorry to say that I do not enjoy it.  I am glad for the opportunity that was given to me by the previous leaders and I’m sorry if I didn’t stay as long as you would have liked.  I’ve been in armies for around 5-6 years now and it’s honestly just getting old.  I no longer enjoy Club Penguin, nor do most of the people in armies.  All of my friends are getting older and retiring and I’ve really just lost motivation.  Thanks to all of you for having me as your leader.

I might add one of those typical “people who motivated me” parts later on, but this is it for now.

Power in the Ice!

-Your Retired Leader

USA USA USA! [US Training Session] [RESULTS]

Hey IW,

Today at our US event we maxed 25+ and averaged 17-20. It is nice to be able to be active again and attend the US events. I am hoping for a large improvement from last week’s 6th and go back to our past ranks of 2nd or 3rd. This will take a lot of recruiting, perfecting tactics, and dedication to do this. We also have a very big tournament battle on Sunday, so everyone be sure to attend that.

Anyways here are the pictures:

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UK Event [24/02/14]

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today, the Ice Warriors’ UK Division had a successful Training Session on the server Jack Frost, we stayed in the Town for the whole event. We pulled off some great tactics and we also did some very neat formations. We averaged 15 troops, and we maxed 19 troops.

Pictures from the event : 

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Events for the Week!













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Results of AUSIA Event on Sunday

Hey guys, Sidie here.

I’m currently on my iPad at school so I’m going to keep this short. The event on Sunday was originally canceled because there weren’t enough people. However, we logged on later, maxing 14. The bad thing is that my light-shot decided to crash and not open so for the event I couldn’t take pictures. However, good job to those who came.


3ic Election Results

Welcome one and all to the first election results of 2014.  Today we introduce to you the newest owner of the Ice Warriors Republic.  This soldier has worked hard and long to get where they are today.  They’ve stuck with us through thick and thin, and nobody can question their loyalty.  I am proud to announce that our newest 3ic is…

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