Impressive US Event! [26/02/14]

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today, the Ice Warriors US Division, had a great training session on the server Husky! We stayed in the Town for the whole session. We got some good sizes, averaging about 10 to 14 troops, and maxing 17 troops, we also pulled off some good tactics.

Keep in mind, there is a very important tournament battle on Sunday, please make sure to attend that, and keep putting your all into the Ice Warriors! Thanks all who attended!

Here are the pictures –

E+9  E+C

E+Gasp E+M E+Smile E+T E+Winks ETBIW

Thanks to Pipewph for the pictures!

Comment if you attended!

– Jo8903, Ice Warriors 3rd in Command

2 Responses

  1. yaay XD 😀 congrats to you people.




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