BIA Halloween Party + PB with Templars + Costumes Contest

Happy Halloween!

Today we logged on Tuxedo for an amazing halloween party with our brother allies, the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation! Also we had a PB with Templars too!

We practiced some tactics, formations, room switches and had a lot of fun. Also, we made a Halloween Costumes Contest. Congratulations to Penguieeween, E45e, Lemonade1sonic and MyFenceBroke on winning the contest!

Thanks to everyone who attended today, have an awesome Halloween!

Ice Warriors Max: 48

Battle Pictures!

Make sure to click #halloweeen-showdown channel in discord for our last round of Halloween Showdown! This will be the last chance to get the @Halloween Ruler 🎃 role in our discord so make sure to come this Sunday!!

Also make sure to click #event-information for our U-Lead Training this Sunday too!

Don’t Step On Black Ice


Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Alaska for divisional practice battle with Rebel Penguins Federation. IW Polar joined forces with RPF Air Force against IW Blizzard and RPF Navy. Both teams wore spooky scary halloween outfits so our spectators could see epic battle between mummies and vampires! Both teams presented amazing leading skills (funny tactics, nice formations) and troops showed that they are able to react fast in game! Good job everyone! Congratulations to vampires (Team Venus = IWB and RPF Navy) for winning this time and huge thanks to all who came!

=== max penguins online: 50 ===

That’s all for now! Remember to check our discord server for more events in the future! Next halloween themed party tomorrow! You cannot miss it!

Much love and see you around,

Halloween Showdown Fourth Round + PB with Midnight Troops [US]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for our fourth round of Halloween Showdown! Today’s teams were the Spiders and the Squids! Also, we had an invited army for this battle… the Midnight Troops, helping the spiders and squids! We had a lot of fun, thanks for everyone who attended! We were able to get 55 warriors online!

Here are the results!

Total Max: 55

Battle Pictures:

Make sure to click #ausia-event-information for our Halloween AUSIA Division PB with the Rebel Penguin Federation this Friday!

Make sure to click #event-information for our Black Ice Alliance Halloween Party this Saturday!


Divisional PB vs RR

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for a divisional practice battle (IW Polar & IW Blizzard) with our friends Red Ravagers!

After an intense battle, Blizzard was able to win by 2-1 against Polar, breaking their 5 wins streak! Amazing job from both sides and thanks to those who came! Let’s see how the next battle goes…

Total Max: 59

Battle Pictures:

Make sure to click #halloween-showdown channel in discord for our fourth round of Halloween Showdown this Thursday!!

Don’t Freeze Up!

Ice Warriors Monster Mash 26 / 10 / 2020

Hey there Ice Warriors!
On todays event we all dressed up as our favourite Monsters and paraded around Huskey! and on one of our funniest events yet we did amazing! Thank you to all that came. Remember to check out events information and halloween showdown on our discord server for our next events! Waddle on

Max: 60

DW please get an emote. BIA Forever ❤

Fright-or-Fight Semi-Finals vs ACP

Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Klondike for the FoF Semi-Finals against the Army of Club Penguin! The battle ended in favor of ACP by 2-1-0. No matter the results, we did really amazing and we’ll keep doing even better!

Thanks for all those who came to our battle today, stay tuned for the big upcoming things!

Total Max: 80

1 non uniformed troop

Battle Pictures:

Make sure to click #event-information for our Monster Mash Monday event!

And as always,

Ice Warriors Forever

Practice Battle vs Army of Orient Seas

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Kościuszko to face with Army of Orient Seas. Our amazing AUSIA division once again showed how incredible fast and disciplinated they are. Another victory belongs to Ice Warriors! Nice job guys!

Also, we would like to say thank you to Army of Orient Seas for accepting the practice battle, showing up and spending time with us! Salute to you!

If you missed our AUSIA practice battle check pictures below and leave the comment! Also remember to come for our tournament battle with Army of Club Penguin (tomorrow at 3PM EST).

=== max penguins online: 35 ===

That’s all for today guys! Let’s prepare for tomorrow and win this tournament, shall we?

Much love and see you around,


Booo Ice Warriors!

Today we hosted the 3rd Halloween Showdown Battle. Before the event Ice Warrios and Golden Troops could choose their team – Skeletons or Ghosts. The battle was led by our amazing Leaders in Training and Trusted Staff. Both teams came up with creative and funny tactics but as we all know the winner can be only one! This time Skeletons Team won 2 : 1. Good job guys!

If you missed the spooky scary event, check pictures below and leave the comment – we want to know, what you think about those kind of events!

===== max spooky penguins online: 58 =====

Also remember to come to our next battles: one with AOS (Saturday, 9AM EST) and the semi-tournament-battle with ACP (Sunday, 3PM EST)! Stay tune with our discord server for time, rooms and commands!

Much love and see you around,