Practice Battle vs Army of Orient Seas

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Kościuszko to face with Army of Orient Seas. Our amazing AUSIA division once again showed how incredible fast and disciplinated they are. Another victory belongs to Ice Warriors! Nice job guys!

Also, we would like to say thank you to Army of Orient Seas for accepting the practice battle, showing up and spending time with us! Salute to you!

If you missed our AUSIA practice battle check pictures below and leave the comment! Also remember to come for our tournament battle with Army of Club Penguin (tomorrow at 3PM EST).

=== max penguins online: 35 ===

That’s all for today guys! Let’s prepare for tomorrow and win this tournament, shall we?

Much love and see you around,


Booo Ice Warriors!

Today we hosted the 3rd Halloween Showdown Battle. Before the event Ice Warrios and Golden Troops could choose their team – Skeletons or Ghosts. The battle was led by our amazing Leaders in Training and Trusted Staff. Both teams came up with creative and funny tactics but as we all know the winner can be only one! This time Skeletons Team won 2 : 1. Good job guys!

If you missed the spooky scary event, check pictures below and leave the comment – we want to know, what you think about those kind of events!

===== max spooky penguins online: 58 =====

Also remember to come to our next battles: one with AOS (Saturday, 9AM EST) and the semi-tournament-battle with ACP (Sunday, 3PM EST)! Stay tune with our discord server for time, rooms and commands!

Much love and see you around,

Halloween Pumpkin Takeover: US Battle Practice

Hey there Ice Warriors!

This evening we logged onto CP Armies ALASKA for a fun Pumpkin Head themed battle training for our troops! We had a great time sharpening up our quick room changes and tactics in preparation for the upcoming CPAH Tournament! Incase you missed out on the fun, check out the event photos below!

===Max: 47===

46 Uniformed + 1 Non-Uniformed Troop

Thank you all for attending today- we hope you had a SPOOKY TIME! Make sure to check out our next two events: THURSDAY’S HALLOWEEN SHOWDOWN PART 3 & SUNDAY’S FRIGHT OR FIGHT TOURNAMENT BATTLE AGAINST ACP!– We will be giving away nitro, promotions and an EXCLUSIVE MEDAL!!! See you there!

Love you all,

Puffles Takeover! PB vs Royals [EU / US]

Warriors warriors warriors!

Today we logged on Yeti for a practice battle against the Royals! Due to our massive size advantage and quicker tactics we won by 3-0. Congrats to all puffles (warriors) and thanks for coming!

Total Max: 58

Amazing job Ice Warriors!

Make sure to click #event-information for our training later today!

Also make sure to click #tournament-battle for the Fright-or-Fight Semi-Finals vs Army of Club Penguin this Sunday!

Puffles Forever ✌️

[Satire] The Truth Behind Iceyfeet1234 and Covid-19

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors’ Capital, Kally’s Igloo – For over eight months, the whole world has been on lockdown, suffering the consequences of a ruthless pandemic. Who is behind all of this?

[Satire Warning: This article is obviously a joke and intends to imitate the seriousness of conspiracy theorist articles. Iceyfeet has no connection to the Covid-19 pandemic.]

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Fright-or-Fight Tournament First Round

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Klondike for our first round of the FoF tournament! We battled Special Weapons and Tactics, had a lot of fun and we were able to win by 3-0. Congrats to all warriors and amazing job!

Total Max: 55

By the way, amazing job last week, we got 1st place in Top Ten for first time in months!

Amazing job once more and let’s keep growing. We’ll need a lot more for the next round of Fright-or-Fight tournament against Army of CP!

Make sure to click #puffle-takeover channel on Discord to check if you can attend our next PB against Royals this Tuesday!

Also check #event-information for our special spooky training this Tuesday too!

Kings Never Die

IW AUSIA PB with Templars + Sled Racing Tournament

Hey again Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for another PB with Templars in AUSIA times! We did amazing, with quicker tactics, formations and size advantage. Congrats and thanks all who came!

We also had a Sled Racing Tournament! Congrats to our winner!!!

FREEDOMIST, congratulations on winning the Sled Racing Tournament!

Also congrats Roman & Waddle on finding Regan

Total Max: 36

Amazing job once more AUSIA! Let’s keep growing!

Make sure to click #tournament-battle for the first round of Fright-or-Fight tournament against SWAT!

Don’t Freeze Up!

Ice Warriors Staff Interview: Dr Queen

Hey there Ice Warriors!

You voted, and the people have spoken! Our first IW Staff Interview of the series is our very own Lieutenant General- DRQUEEN!!!!

I had the pleasure to sit down with the queen herself and ask her some questions about her start in CP Armies, her favorite foods, and more! Keep on reading to find out all of her secrets! 🙂 ❤

Alex: First Question, How are you today? :goo:

Dr Queen: I’m doing great, its Friday, so super excited that its the weekend! Hbu?

Alex: Amazing- I am doing good :goo: thanks for asking!!! Next Question, something that we ALL want to know- How did you get your name “DrQueen”?

DrQueen: I knew this question was coming LOL so the “Dr” comes from my ambitions of wanting to become a medical doctor down the future. The “Queen” part comes from one of my favorite bands, Queen. Also, my dad called me queen when I was younger! So one day I just put it together…and boom the name DrQueen was born!

Actual picture of DrQueen working as a REAL doctor!!!!!! (not fake I swear)

Alex: Awww I love that, and you a definitely a queen gurl!!! LOL Next Question, When did you start playing Club Penguin? and when did you join CP Armies?

DrQueen: I started playing Club penguin when I was younger, and always played it through out the years with my friends…However, I only discovered armies only this year, when I joined in the beginning of June 2020!

Alex: Oooo very nice! We are so happy that you decided to join armies because now we all have you as such a great friend! What has been your funniest moment in CP Armies so far?

Dr Queen: Probably the time where me and Law was VC leading one of the Halloween showdown events in IW and Kayles & IceQueen kept throwing tactics at us before we can announce the previous tactics and it was literal chaos, I couldn’t breathe LOL #Justice4VCLeaders and the joke of “1 troop logs on = 1 potato DrQueen eats” where half of the IW didn’t believe I ate 20 potatoes due to the WN max sizing 20 troops for an event. I did eat those 20 potatoes Freedomist, stop assuming that im lying :waiting:

Alex: LOL yes that Mummies vs. Zombies event was totally chaotic, I’m sure a lot of others would agree too! Lets get away from armies for a little bit- What do you like to do in your free time??

DrQueen: I absolutely love dancing, I am actually a part of my school’s dance team! I also do weight lifting, love going to the beach, eating food and trying new food!

Alex: Ohh thats so cool! Sounds like you like to stay very active!! Speaking of food, what’s your favorite meal?

DrQueen: Quesadillas and nachos slaps, don’t forget the extra cheese for both of them. OH AND FRIES how can I forget my fries

Alex: OOOO yummy curly fries are the BEST!!

DrQueen: Curly fries FTW>>>

DrQueen on a date at the local Penguin Pizza Parlor enjoying a delicious meal of curly fries!

Alex: Alright now- What is one thing that you want the readers to know about DrQueen?

DrQueen: But I just want people to know that, I’ll always be there for you when the times get rough & if we don’t know each other please come say hello to me :Blushpwease: I like new friends ❤ AND THAT I DID EAT THE 20 POTATOES TYVM!

Alex: Very very sweet ❤ Any final words? :waiting:

DrQueen: SCARY WADDLE AND ORANGE GIVE ME BACK MY FREAKING KNEECAPS… also dont forget out #events-info for the next IW event :waiting~4:

You heard it here first everyone! DrQueen is not only an amazing staff member, friend, and VC leader, BUT she is also going to be a doctor to make sure that all Ice Warriors never get sick. She is also now the resident IW Potato QUEEN! Thank you so much DrQueen for sitting down and interviewing with me!

Be sure to be on the lookout for our next Staff Interview vote!

Until then, Don’t Freeze Up!

Love you all,