[US] Training session 8/30/15 – Results

Hello troops!

Today, we logged onto our capital Husky and we had a pretty good training session

We maxed 32 and averaged 30+

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UK Event Results [30/08/15]

UK Events

Despite the event originally being cancelled, we went ahead and held it anyway. We maxed 32 and averaged 31. Great event guys!


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Declaration of War// Invasions

The Holy Ice Empire hereby declare war on the Water Vikings.
Our reason for war is:
They decided that they would invade one of IW’s servers for no justified reason and thought they’d get away with it.
Well they were WRONG.
We will invade a select few servers before our operation against the Water Vikings.

MONDAY – AUGUST 31st [Battle 1]
Times: 4:00 pm EST || 3:00 pm CST || 2:00 pm MST || 1:00 pm PST || 9:00 pm GMT

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Declaration of War//Invasions

The Ice Empire hereby declares war on the Water vikings

Our reason for war is:

The Water vikings invaded one of IW’s servers for no justified reason, and they think that they’ll get away with it. Well they are WRONG


Invasion of Sasquatch

Sasquatch – Ice berg


4:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM MST, 1:oo PM PST, 9 GMT


Invasion of Frostbite

Frostbite – Ice berg


Ice Warriors are now an isolationist army.

*Note this is chat isolation, IW will still be involving themselves in foreign affairs.*

We will only allow allied leaders/troops on our chat.

Neutral armies are no longer welcomed on IW chat room and are to be banned forever on the spot. We don’t need armies trying to recruit our troops into their army.

On a side note, Water Vikings are enemies of the IW army once again. 


Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we had a event on Ice Age. The event was good size for a UK division averaging about 20 people with a max of 25 at one point. Our UK division still has alot of work to do and needs to become stronger to match our US division but for a UK event it was good.

Unfortunately my lightshot decided to break at the beginning of the event, so we only have 1 picture given by a fellow owner.


 The picture was taken near the end of the event with only showing 16-18 penguins. 

Overall it was a good event but can be improved. I’m again thankful to all the troops that logged on!

-Spikey [IW Temporary Leader]

Hiring Mods

I will be hiring new, professional mods that can autotype. If you would like it, please private chat me.