Troop/Staff/Recruiter of the Week: September 20th, 2021

Hi Ice Warriors Family! Can you believe we’re almost at the end of September? Ice Warriors have managed to stay strong throughout this month. We have seen some size drops, however, we have troops and staff who have worked very hard to make sure that Ice Warriors remain successful. It is time to announce our Troop, Staff, and Recruiter of the Week!  Continue reading to find out who they are. :tlarCatCelebrate:

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CPR Furniture Catalog Cheats: September 2021

Hello Ice Warriors! We have another new catalogue for September, let’s take a look at what party and hidden items are in these editions of Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades!

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Fan Art Friday #38

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Hey Ice Warriors,

Happy Friday, The weekend is near us, and what a great way to start the weekend with a fan art Friday. Let’s take a look at some of our amazing artists and see what was their inspiration for their artwork. Get ready to be surprised cause we have some fun stuff in this article.

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September CPR Catalogs!

Hello Ice Warriors! Today, CPR has released a new clothing catalogue and a new furniture catalogue! Let’s dive right in and see what this month has to offer in fashion and decor!

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Events Recap: August 29th – September 4th

Heyo Ice Warriors!

This week was the second half of our Sub Zero 2021 Summer Olympics! We had a whole range of tournaments and games! Stay tuned for the Olympics Closing Ceremony and many more exciting events next week!

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The Great Crusade: Ice Warriors’ Response

To: Ice Warriors, the Templars & CP Army Community

Just a few minutes ago, a former ally of the Ice Warriors, the Templars decided to declare a war upon us. For those of you too lazy to read the declaration, there is no reasoning behind it and the terms are quite similar to all previous Templar’ declarations.

The Ice Warriors hereby admire your attempts of boosting your ego and occupying yourself with yet another unnecessary war. To your disappointment, the Ice Warriors officially decline the use of CPAHQ or their judges, simply due to the fact that the Ice Warriors have withdrawn from said “News Organisation” months ago.

That being said, we wish you the best of luck on invading land that is simply unattainable to you in CPAN. If you wish to declare a war on us, once you have been allowed to re-enter the map, we are happy to meet you on the battlefields.

Until then,

Don’t Freeze Up!

Ice Warriors’ Leadership

Q&A: Back to School

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you guys all managed to have an amazing weekend, especially with the end of August coming very soon! As you’re all aware, much of the IW community are starting to head back to school, if they haven’t already! I’d imagine many of you may be feeling nervous or excited or even both! So in today’s Q&A, I took the time to go around getting some insight on the community’s varied feelings on starting or heading back to school. I also asked troops their views on the IW Olympics and what aspect of it they specifically loved about it. Thirdly, knowing that the end of August is looming on us, I asked our Ice Warriors what particular event during the month was still very fresh on their minds. With that being said, let’s dive right into the questions!

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Troop/Staff of the Week: August 30th, 2021

Subzero, IWNC Building, DrQueen’s office– Can you believe it? It’s already the end of August. Many troops have already returned to school and resumed their everyday lives now that many places are uplifting COVID-19 regulations. Despite that, many people have asked the following question:

How do you balance IW and school at the same time?

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