Get to Know IW: Mogi4 (Our Newest LIT)

Hello Ice Warriors! Ice Warriors News Center is officially back! For our first article back, we decided to interview our newest Leader in Training, Mogi4 in our newest Get to Know article, which we haven’t done in quite some time! Before we begin, I would like to congratulate him! He has been working extremely hard for this promotion and we look forward to seeing what he’ll bring to the IW community! Now let’s begin our interview.


Mogi’s promo banner, made by our LiT, Subster.

We asked a few questions to Mogi, And of course, we decided to start off by looking at his Ice Warriors history!


1. Can you tell us a bit about your Ice Warriors history and how you got recruited into the army?

Mogi4:As some know, Jay was the one who invited me into IW in June 2021. We were friends long before that, and one day I saw him mentioning IW in his status, so I asked what it is and then he invited me, I wish he invited me sooner tho 😭. I immediately fell in love with IW and then I started ranking pretty fast. Less than 2 months later passed and I was already a Staff in Training! I made lots of friends along the way, and 1.5 years later I became a Leader in Training!


2. What is the hardest thing that you find as an Ice Warriors member?

Mogi4: probably not banning you (He is trolling y’all….) wary


3.Do you have any moments that you’ll never forget, like your best memories in Ice Warriors so far?

Mogi’s Promo Message, announced by IceQueen!

4. If someone wants to be Staff in the future what’s the best advice that you would give them?

Mogi4: Don’t give up, IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN DO IT :elsa~1: believe in yourself even if you think that cant happen, and of course behave well 😀


5. Lastly, being a Leader in Training can be hard but what are you the most excited about in this new journey?



That’s it Ice Warriors, I hope you all enjoy this little interview with our newest Leader in Training. If you see him in main chat, make sure to congratulate him! For our next Get to Know, we will be interviewing more members of the IW community, so it could be your chance to be featured on our website! :3 Enjoy the rest of your day/night/ evening! And we will see you soon for our next article!

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