What really happened during my IW journey

Hello Ice Warriors!

I figured I should present this at some point, I wanted to have a typed out speech when I got to Leader as a tribute to an old one I did back to when I got Leader in Training. I figured having it as an IW article is the best way for me to express my gratitude for you all!

A month ago, New Years Eve, is when this happened. Side note, I really got promos for Leader in Training and Leader on Holidays hmm?

You could tell I was mad surprised of this, me beginning this journey back in May 2020 and the long term goal to become an Ice Warriors Leader had finally been achieved on the literal last day of 2022, what a way to end the year off right? Anyways, I’ve typed this out because I want to give you all an insight of how I had felt to be an Ice Warrior and what madness went on during my IW journey.

As a troop, never did I expect I would be ranking up so fast from being a troop. I started attending events because I was just curious of what they were like. During this time, ranking up was surprisingly fast and this was just the beginning. Over time as I kept attending, I had people start believing in me, thinking that I had what it took to be a staff, then in about a month and a week of being in IW, I had made it.

The time I became Staff was weeks before Staff in Training was ever a thing, and I will mention this, this was when I started to develop a rise in confidence. Starting out, I didn’t feel like I was doing so good, I felt behind on how to be a great staff member and wasn’t sure if I could get my head in the game. As I ranked up though, I started to adapt a lot. Recruiting in IW was one of my biggest strengths. Being 4th in command was when this confidence had started to show, and while it took about 10 months, the efforts paid off for me to become Trusted Staff.

As a Trusted Staff, I had continued doing my own thing, remained as consistently active as I could. Having more opportunities to help out in IW was also extremely helpful. The army at the time was just trying to keep up with every other. Tough days occurred, but we pulled through. Here was when I started to achieve something big, that being inducted into IW HoF as IW Champion. Going from Trusted Staff to Leader in Training was the longest journey I’ve had, taking about 1 year and 2 months to make it there, but hey, I can say it was worth it.

As a Leader in Training, this was when I really felt like I was achieving so much, at the time, this was obviously the most excited I’ve ever been to be promoted since it was my highest rank in an army so far. I knew for a fact I had so much to learn and I took in as much knowledge of being an LiT as I could. I was able to learn so much. This era was a tough one for IW, one where not many people could be active, but that honestly gave me the best opportunities to help when possible. Due to all I was able to accomplish, oddly enough it took me a surprisingly short time to get to Leader, about 6 months.

With about one month of being an Ice Warriors Leader, I can confidently say that it was worth it to make it all the way here. I’m hope that I’m making you all proud of what I’m able to do in this position. It’s enjoyable being part of a community that I’ve had a big fondness for and the fact I get to lead it was absolutely thrilling. Even though I’m at the highest rank I could ever be, there’s definitely even more for me to learn and more to achieve too.

And finally, from the bottom of my heart, I just want to say “thank you”. Thank you so much to all who have been part of my journey, whether they be the staff and leadership team to when i first joined this army or the troops and staff I get to lead today, you all are the reason I was able to make it this far, to the highest position of my army career (minus CC Leader, that clearly doesn’t count). Thank you for keeping the IW Dynasty alive. I’ll end this long essay with a personal quote (and some advice)…

Don’t compare yourself to others, simply be the best of you!

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  3. Congrats josh!!!! Youve been a great friend and im super glad to see you succeed.


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