Game characters Fashion contest Results

Host: Shinde
Main theme: Video Game character
Judges: Vader, Yuzy, Kally

Special Mention

This weeks Special mention goes to Smiley for her purple penguin from club penguin minecraft game! (One could only wonder where she got that Idea from)

3rd place

This weeks Bronze medal goes to one of our leaders Flamez64 for his Agent 47 Costume. Good Job!

2nd place

This weeks Silver Medal goes to Shinde for her Big Smoke for GTA San Andreas costume! Well done Shinde.

1st place

This weeks winner is Seebs for his Costume of Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat! Great Job Seebs!

That concludes this weeks tournament! Check out Contests to see what this weeks Theme is! Don’t Freeze up!

p.s All 4 of these were rangers!


Ice Warriors Leader

Famous Person Fashion Contest Results

Main theme: Famous person

Judges: Shinde, KallyRegan

Deadline: 20th April

Results: 22nd April 2020

Special mention

This weeks special mention goes to Smiley for her brilliant and hilarious James Corden Costume. Well done Smiley!

3rd place

This weeks bronze medal goes to abbieeo for her great John Lennon costume. Well done Abbieeo!

2nd place

This weeks silver medal goes to Gijennings for her um… Interesting entry of the tiger king Joe Exotic. Well done Gijennings!

1st place

This weeks gold medal goes to LawCorazon for his Brilliant and standout costume of Ace Ventura. Congratulations Law!

If you want to be our next winner, Check out #costumes in our Discord server. Thank you to Shinde for setting up and hosting these fun contests for us! Until next time, Don’t freeze up!


Ice Warriors Leader

Fairytale fashion contest results

Main theme: Fairytale

Judges: ShindeBoltRegan

Deadline: 13th April

Results: 14th April 2020

3rd Place

The bronze medal goes to Gijennings for her costume of Ursela from the little mermaid

2nd place

The silver medal goes to Silentxtoad for her moth lady and Loyal pet bunny costume.

1st prize

The gold medal and this weeks champion for the second week in a row goes to……. Kally for her Evil fairy queen costume, Well done Kally!

That’s all for now folks, Remember to check out #Contests in our server for the next contests theme.

Regan – Leader in Training

Too Easy

I’ve been waiting a few days for someone to make a post to try and stir stuff up. I’m happy some DCP “Leader” has finally done it. I just wish it were someone more known, more prestigious within the community.

With that being said, If you haven’t heard/seen what a guy named WweBestFan has posted on me –  here you go. Basically what this kid wants is, he wants me to acknowledge him. He wants some extra attention that the other 6 side leaders of DCP can’t give him. But.. it’s okay I’m here for you WWE. Lets break down your post?

Orange = Wwe’s post

I find it quite hilarious how the “Drew Crew” has always found that they are the best trio in armies.

Well first of all, the “drew crew” isn’t a trio. It’s made up of 5 friends that I’ve known dating back to 2007. Spyguy202, Ghost, Flamez, Final Chaser and myself of course. We’ve also been always close with Freezie and Agent 11, so they’re practically also “crew”.

Some may not know that the Ice Warriors was my very first army, and I actually did get the chance to lead Ice Warriors for a brief period in the summer of 2015 alongside Tax, where we ended and took over  DCP’s 1st place spot that they held onto for months prior, which was the start of another IW golden age after struggling for months to even make it into the top ten.

You ended the DCP so called “streak”? Wow what a legend, WWE. Good thing IW totally didn’t place first multiple times when I was leading right?

Lets see… according to your own post ( you rejoined IW on September 13th, 2015. If I’m counting correctly IW placed first 11 times before you even rejoined. I retired the week DW got first place for the first time in May. Hold on, so you’re saying that somehow IW entered another golden age when you became a leader? Son, you only got first twice, and not even back to back.

Andrew came in and began leading IW in 2015 with his crew, which he led the Golds army prior to this, whom maxed 10 at events. His first IW leadership stint was during the time where multilogging was a big thing in armies, and I can confirm from being in the loop that he was doing the same thing as other armies while leading IW. Now you always see IW’s “DCP’s history is multilogging” tactics, but I don’t believe that should be aimed directly at DCP.

Actually I led LT to 65, Dw to 55, Pirates to 45 and also NW to about 40 all in 2014. Multilogging only became a thing during April 2015. Kinda weird that DCP spiked around there huh? Odd. IW hit over sizes of 65 multiple times in March during the March Madness Tournament (Ask Musty, he might know a thing or two about that tournament :wink:).

Hmm… Do I REALLY have to bring up the countless times DCP was exposed for multilogging on both CPAC, IW and multiple other army sites? Like really? Get out WWE. The only time IW was exposed for multilogging was far after I was gone (2016) when Trader, Badboy, Bam and Sprite were all in IW. I removed them the second Drmatt/Ghost and I exposed them ( There are pictures of that aswell somewhere laying about. Makes sense it happened considering two of them are DCP Legends lol. If you’re from DCP and reading this just go to

Which is the old army news website. From there just type in Multilog in the search button on the right side and you’ll see the dozens of countless accusations and proof of DCP getting caught. Your leaders can cry “They hate us cuz they ain’t us, just haters man!! ofc they’d say that!!” No other major army has gone through accusations like the Doritos. Not the RPF, DW, IW, LT, PIRATES and other current and former major armies like DCP has. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Andrew believes he’s another Iceyfeet, when he is the complete opposite. One is a legend, and one is a coward, a coward trying to destroy another mans legacy.

Ah, you’re damn right Iceyfeet and I are completely the opposite person. Both IRL and in this community. Regardless of that, we still do our best for IW. We’ve always done that. We’ve had our fair share of arguments over the years.. but we’ve always moved on from them. I’m just glad that he’s an actual relevant creator, unlike you. He’s a legend, and you’re some random kid known for having DW make you cry in your so called “prime”.  You’re a joke. I expected something from Mustapha as he’s the one that has carried your army to relevancy but hell even then, kids been exposed for multilogging multiple times. All of you are B tier. 

At least DCP didn’t need an alliance!

DCP and Royals literally mass invaded RF, an army who maxes about 25. What are you guys talking about? That is the reason why IW went after you. Mustapha went to Konrad and told him to bring his alliance/allies. And when allies are used against you, you whine? Just last week before the IUA entered the war.. it was just a 1v1 between IW and DCP. Pirates backed out. You guys are acting like you didn’t tell IUA to plan those invasions all at the same time both Ausia and US. All backfired though huh? Aliens broke apart within like 3 days lol, you basically ruined their entire army just out of desperation! Make you feel good? 

Can’t make it up. First you wanna build an alliance to take down RF.. you did that. But when Pirates and IW do the same to DCP after you begged for it? You cry? Really..? I mean it makes sense considering how hypocritical your entire leadership is but whatever. Then when It’s finally a 1v1 you bring an entire ausia force to invade us? LOL. Man this is too easy.

I’m done with you guys, WWE don’t try this again, just made yourself look dumb. I don’t even know who you are. Keep shining Epics boots for the rest of the HOB’s.


Your fellow leader even agrees you were nothing without him, lmao…

Kings Never Die,

~Andrew 24 IW Leader

Defense of Brumby [Tuxedo] RESULTS

Hello, Ice Warriors!

We logged on to Tuxedo today to defend the city of Brumby from the evil Doritos, and per usual, we won! We did amazing! The Ice Warriors remain the #1 army for the 2nd week in a row, and we proved it once again today. Ice Warriors Forever.

MAX: 135


~Agent 11 – Ice Warriors Leader

AUSIA Battle vs. DW & Golds – RESULTS

Hello, Ice Warriors!

What was supposed to be an AUSIA defense turned into a friendly and fun practice battle between IW, DW, and Golds. Shout out to the Dark Warriors and Golds for a fun battle (even though we barely faced you)!

MAX: 114

~Agent 11 – Ice Warriors Leader

Invasion of Mammoth [FULL] RESULTS

Hello, Ice Warriors!

Once again… another invasion, another no show. Thank you to all the Ice Warriors who attended this amazing invasion, we appreciate you!

MAX: 128


~Agent 11 – Ice Warriors Leader

Red Carpet Fashion contest results

Main theme: Red Carpet

Judges: Shinde, Kay, Regan

Deadline: 6th April

Results: 7th April 2020

Special Mention

Now you will say I did this one purpose but Shinde wants to give a special mention to Regan(me) For his fabulous Entry(which I said wasn’t an entry) of Brandon Flowers from the Killers.

3rd place

The bronze medal has been awarded to Anje1807 for her costume of Taylor Swift. Good Job Anje!

2nd place

The Silver medal has been awarded to Miuuna for her Scarlett Johansson Costume, Great Job!

1st Prize

Then finally 1st prize has been awarded to Kally for her Costume titled “Ice Warriors star on the red carpet” Although I’m not sure about Puffles being allowed on the carpet!

Well done to everyone who participated to make this the funnest cp army in the history or cp armies! Until next time! Don’t Freeze up!