Red Carpet Fashion contest results

Main theme: Red Carpet

Judges: Shinde, Kay, Regan

Deadline: 6th April

Results: 7th April 2020

Special Mention

Now you will say I did this one purpose but Shinde wants to give a special mention to Regan(me) For his fabulous Entry(which I said wasn’t an entry) of Brandon Flowers from the Killers.

3rd place

The bronze medal has been awarded to Anje1807 for her costume of Taylor Swift. Good Job Anje!

2nd place

The Silver medal has been awarded to Miuuna for her Scarlett Johansson Costume, Great Job!

1st Prize

Then finally 1st prize has been awarded to Kally for her Costume titled “Ice Warriors star on the red carpet” Although I’m not sure about Puffles being allowed on the carpet!

Well done to everyone who participated to make this the funnest cp army in the history or cp armies! Until next time! Don’t Freeze up!


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