The Freezing Point

Edit 2: Icey, Gad wants you to add him to the site.

Edit: Wwebestfan has retired. Please say your goodbyes on chat. :(

I would like to announce IW’s 1st annual ‘The Freezing Point’ tournament. It will have 3 brackets, followed by one finals bracket, 5 rounds not including round 2.5, and of course a lot of battling. In this tournament, in order to make sure that every army can be in who wants to be in, there will be 51 armies in the tournament. The current Top 3 will not come immediately into the tournament. Based on the size of the tournament, it may not actually start until June at latest. Here’s the lists of the armies that are in the tournament so far, those requested to go in, and those who declined:

Accepted: IW, ACP, NachosDWFW, IV, TG, SW, RPFFP, LT, CPC, WVTacos, UMA,WW, CPF, DCP, GTPW, EWECPDarkey

Requested: (At this point all armies we have requested to be in have either accepted or denied our offer.)

Denied: NW

As for those of you who wish to go into the tournament, please enter your army in by filling the form below:

What army do you want to put in:

What rank are you in that army:

What are the colors for that army:

A really simple form, huh? More information about the tournament will be added later.


More Practice Battles on the way

Quick Edit: Congrat each other on getting 2nd guys! :D


Remember how I left that note that we’d be having one PB with an army a week? Yeah. Here’s the PBs for the next for the next two weeks. This week we’re having a PB with Team Gold. Here’s the info for the battle:

Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs Team Gold

Date: Saturday, April 9

Server: Sub Zero

Times: 2PM EST, 1PM CST, 12PM MST, 11AM PST, 7PM UK


Ok for next weekend’s PB, we shall be facing the Dark Warriors. This one I’m really interested to see the outcome of. Here’s the info:

Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs. Dark Warriors

Date: Saturday, April 16

Server: Frosty

Times: 2PM EST, 1PM CST, 12PM MST, 11AM PST, 7PM UK


Ok. This may be not be a practice battle but more at a reminder or note. Some days people seem to forget about daily recruiting when Icey, Dash, or I is not on. Here’s the informtion for daily recruiting once again:

Daily Recruiting

Date: Every day of the week aside from Thursday

Serve 5a8 r: To be determined by an owner rank

Times: 7PM EST, 6PM CST, 5PM MST, 4PM PST, 12AM UK

Yup, that’s about it for now.


Results of PB with Nachos

As you may have known, we faced one of our closest allies, the Nachos, today in a practice battle. Now here are your results. And the winner is… no one! A tie resulted from the practice battle since decisions couldn’t be made about who had actually won the battle. People of both sides are saying all three outcomes. Icey, Gord, Dash, 5a8 and I led with help from Alb and 57. Overall, I would say a pretty nice job by both armies! Great effort put in by both armies. IW had the size for most of the battle while Nachos had tactics for most of the battle. To prevent any fued from starting, Puckley and I agreed on this tie. Now that both armies put on an epic tie, I would like to show the pics:

One last note, I would like us to have a practice battle with one other armies a week from now on so keep checking the site for our next PB and other events.

Today’s Recruiting

Today before the we face the nachos tomorrow I want to talk about our recruiting that went on today. I feel that we will take Nachos down in the practice battle. Remember that r before the PB we are going to have a training session. Many people say we are rising, lets keep the top 10 armies in fear as we dominate in the Top 10. Although, we did have a low number and amount of people on the chat I’m sure we can fix that up before tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from Dasher999 which whom also led this recruiting.


PS~The pictures are from bottom to top from start to end.

Tactic Session: Tomorrow

Before we have the practice battle on the Nachos I want to make sure were ready. Some of the members were telling me the Nachos were going to be a big problem, so I want to be ready for what were up againest I beleive that’s what most of us want. Here are the times for the Training Session: 12 PM EST, 11 AM CST, 5 PM Uk,  9 AM PST, and 10 AM.~Hope to see you all there!

(Magma781) ;)