The Freezing Point

Edit 2: Icey, Gad wants you to add him to the site.

Edit: Wwebestfan has retired. Please say your goodbyes on chat. :(

I would like to announce IW’s 1st annual ‘The Freezing Point’ tournament. It will have 3 brackets, followed by one finals bracket, 5 rounds not including round 2.5, and of course a lot of battling. In this tournament, in order to make sure that every army can be in who wants to be in, there will be 51 armies in the tournament. The current Top 3 will not come immediately into the tournament. Based on the size of the tournament, it may not actually start until June at latest. Here’s the lists of the armies that are in the tournament so far, those requested to go in, and those who declined:

Accepted: IW, ACP, NachosDWFW, IV, TG, SW, RPFFP, LT, CPC, WVTacos, UMA,WW, CPF, DCP, GTPW, EWECPDarkey

Requested: (At this point all armies we have requested to be in have either accepted or denied our offer.)

Denied: NW

As for those of you who wish to go into the tournament, please enter your army in by filling the form below:

What army do you want to put in:

What rank are you in that army:

What are the colors for that army:

A really simple form, huh? More information about the tournament will be added later.


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