The Support?

Hello IW, I would like to announce that I love what is going on, I love how we have troops supporting IW! I have made a list and it is about what to do when a new troop comes and how to gain more troops.

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January going into February [EVENTS]

Overall, we had a great month this year, going from 8th to 4th, and then 3rd in the top ten, and then soon getting into an alliance war which was soon quickly won. It will be February soon, and I think we should end January with a bang with a few great events. For this week, I want to focus on possibly getting past sizes of 25-30+, and that could only happen if the party was gone (doesn’t mean it was horrible) but we need to continue to show that we are a big and a very organized army.

We are also not helping anyone in the ACP vs DW war. With all that being said, I have made a few events for each division: for the US, UK, and Australia. Take a look below.


Saturday, February 2nd:

4. Practice Battle with SWAT

Server: TBA


8:00PM UK

3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST

1:00PM MST

12:00PM PST

The first 3 events are worth 5 medals, the last one is worth 10. Also, if you didn’t know yet, promotions have been done, so make sure to check the ranks page for your name.


~Albert417, IW Leader

The White Alliance Wins: IW Results!

We, along with other members of the White Alliance have successfully captured the Pirates’ server Migrator, having the event on the server Klondike. The dominant 3 armies were us, the Ice Warriors, the Army of Club Penguin, and the Nachos. Overall it was a great event for all 3 armies, as we displayed our best sizes in separate rooms and then came together within some rooms. This final victory signifies the end of the war that has been raging for several months.

We were able to reach pretty good sizes, averaging 20+ and maxing up to 25 on CP. Since you guys did an awesome job with tactics, I have decided to give out promotions, which will be done over the course of the weekend. This event was worth 10 medals. My pics have been posted below.


We honestly did a great job this week! Let’s keep it up for the next!

~Albert417, IW Leader


Training/Recruiting Session 1/23/13 Results

Today, we have done a pretty good job on CP. Having the opportunity to have replaced the invasion of SWAT with a regular training/recruiting session, we did just as well as we did yesterday. [We will not be warring on SWAT anymore at this point]. I was quite pleased with the size we had, but not so much with the tactics. Many of our tactics were pretty off, and I believe it was due to some lag on the server. Now, I don’t know how to necessarily fix the problem for everyone, but I hope something can be done very soon

We actually managed to get average sizes of 30 and a max of 35 troops throughout the event. I was pretty glad to see that our recruiting worked out in the meantime. This event was worth 5 medals. Pictures have been posted below.


Well done.

~Albert417, IW Leader

Official Statement from the White Alliance

Alb Edit: If we do extremely well on this event, I’ll give out promotions.

Since the White Alliance has come together, we have forged unprecedented victories over the Black Alliance. In the course of just over 2 days, we have won all 8 battles we’ve faced, and invaded some of our enemies’ most important servers. SWAT has officially surrendered and withdrawn from the Black Alliance, a decision which we respect despite the magnitude of our conflict.

It has come to our attention that Waterkid has officially withdrawn the Pirates from the Black Alliance in a feeble attempt to respite a situation which has blown up in his face. He has proposed a treaty which would last until February 1st because he claims he wants to put a stop to everything. This is a complete turnaround from his post yesterday where he swore he would plunge Club Penguin Armies into another 6 months of war in order to bring down the Army of Club Penguin. The White Alliance sees this for what it is – an attempt to buy time for the Pirates to collect enough servers to stave off our invasions and allow the Light Troops an opportunity to come to his defenses. He has no intentions of ending this madness.

We have learned much from Waterkid over the course of this and countless previous wars like it. We have seen the army and community-wide destruction his wars have caused, not to the Army of Club Penguin, but to all of our armies, and to our system of values alike. Club Penguin Armies were founded on the simple principle of fun and competition. Since his rise to power, Waterkid has corrupted the way we view each other, and the way we view Club Penguin Warfare. No longer is it about the fun of competition, the simple pleasure of defeating your rival in a good old fashioned snowball fight. Armies are now about spreading hate and destruction. The damage he has caused is all around us. All progress that our ceasefire of late December had built-up has been erased. Never have we seen a more hateful and perpetual barrage of posts and battles in the entire history of Club Penguin Armies.

For this reason, we say no. This is the breaking point, the point of no return. If we turn back now, no lessons will have been learned, no recovery shall be possible, no return to what armies were meant to be. United we stand in our single, unified goal. Not one of hate, but one of recovery. Not one of destruction, but of restoration. This is not what armies were meant to be. We represent leaders past and present, armies living and dead, the history of all who have come before us and the generations of soldiers who will follow in our legacy. It is time we fight. For we know if we turn back now, there will be no bright future, no new Golden Age. If we lose our morals, our virtues, our love for armies and all that we do, we can be assured there will be nothing left worth fighting for. Join us, as we put an end to this war of which we intend never to see the likes of again.

Saturday, January 26th

:!: Invasion of Migrator :!:

Club Penguin Armies vs. Waterkid

:arrow: 3:00 PM EST

:arrow: 2:00 PM CST

:arrow: 1:00 PM MST

:arrow: 12:00 PM PST

:arrow:  8:00 PM UK/GMT

Fog is Captured!

Today, we have won an invasion against the SWAT as we captured one of their servers, this one being Fog. We had pretty excellent results for the month, considering that this was done on a school night. We got average sizes of 25 and maxed up to an amount of 30. I was pleased to see this amount of troops on CP, but of course, CP had to hold us back a bit. Our tactics were mostly good, though some were a bit off, probably due to our weak connection on the server. At one point we all actually lost connection, and we had to log back in to continue with our act. Nonetheless, everything else was okay.

Everyone who attended received 10 medals. Pictures have been added below.


Nice job, let’s do even better very soon!


~Albert417, IW Leader

Qwerty Logic

This is Qwerty, our beloved IW brigadier general, and WV leader.

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