Qwerty Logic

This is Qwerty, our beloved IW brigadier general, and WV leader.

Well, clearly Qwerty doesnt know an opinion when he sees one.

So when I was on ACP chat, Qwerty PC’d me saying these words:



So, I went to IW chat, then started talking about ACP, and the BA war when Qwerty comes on, and we strike a conversation on WV. I say that WV wasnt large, but they were medium, so Qwerty for some reason takes offence towards it, and we get into an argument. He accusationally says I was raging, but if I was raging, he would’ve been banned alot earlier, and i’d be cursing, so your logic is wrong. Then, he made a threat to me, or possibly IW (Which is why im making this post) that i’d regret saying that WV was medium, and I will regret my descision. Well, im in WV as a mod rank, so I doubt any time soon that bottle or zak will actually listen to Q’s stupid ass plans. Proof: http://prntscr.com/q0rha

So, after he left on IW chat, he started to abuse me on ACP chat. He said hes not in ACP, and he can do whatever he want in abusing me, so I just practiclly let him kick me twice, then it sorta faded into Qwerty being laughed at by me on CPC, DW, and IW chat. Proof: http://prntscr.com/q0ssg

And, as Daniel had said:


Okay, Im Aquabluejet, and i’ll be posting on Qwerty’s idiocity all night!



10 Responses

  1. mfw.I’m not WV leader, or in IW, or in ACP, lmfao trolled so hard you had to take pics and then post it?

    Lost cause indeed, btw ty ,for a post dedicated to me,:D


  2. How silly of him. FIRST!


  3. oh dear.. yeah it is pretty bad ppl accusing ppl but they know nothing about themm.. me and kale have talked bout this 🙂 a girl called layla from riffy came and raged at me but i dont have any proof :/ well somthing has to be done about it…


  4. What has IW come to? …


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