Black Friday Fever

Hi there penguins!

Yesterday we spent amazing time on Alaska by celebrating one of the most famous and full of promotions day – Black Friday. As a professional promotion hunters we lightingh quicly changed rooms and searched for the best thnings to buy! I hope everyone got what they wanted and no one got hurted!

=== max penguins online: 50 ===

That’s all for now! Remember to come to our first battle in Christmas Chaos Tournament! We start really soon!

Much love and see you around,

Fan Art Friday #5

Hi Ice Warriors!

Hope you all had an amazing week thus far. As it is Friday, it is time to showcase some of the amazing artistic abilities from our fellow Ice Warriors. We truly have some incredible artists, keep posting and you might get featured one day!

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Ausia practice battle v.s. Skateboards

Hello lovely Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Klondike to practice battle with one of the best s/m army Skateboards. Our AUSIA division have not let us down and once again did a perfect performance even tho the game crashed during the event. Great job ladies and gentlemans! Another victory for Ice Warriors!

Huge thanks to Skateboards for showing up and shout out to judges! We also love you much!

===max penguins online: 43 ===

Room 2nd. Alex is crashing the game and almost giving the room to Skateboards

That’s all guys! Remember to check our discord server for more events (one more is later today)! Also Christmas Chaos is coming!

Much love and see you around,

Warriors Showdown: 2nd Battle [Heroes vs Villains]

Hey again Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Klondike for our Warriors Showdown‘s 2nd battle! This day’s teams were: Team Superheroes vs Team Supervillains! These teams were dressed today as Penguins vs Herberts!

After three amazing rooms showing an strong battle, the winners of this battles are….

The Superheroes!

Max: 58

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Q & A: Does Clindsz Really Sniff Water?

Whats up Ice Warriors!

On this week’s edition of Q & A, oh boy do we have a treat for you! I sat down with some of IW’s amazing staff members at the coffee shop to get the inside scoop on some Q & A questions you have asked!! From finding out Josh’s inspiration behind his raps to finding out some of our staff members’ favorite IW event, and to finding out the response to the MOST asked question of the year, “Clindsz how do you smell water?” gets all answered. Read down below to see these fabulous responses.

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Tuesday Staff U-Lead [US]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for another staff u-lead! Our staff showed us their leading skills and made us prepare for the Christmas Chaos tournament! Amazing job to everyone who attended.

Max: 54

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Get to Know IW, Veteran Edition: Snow the 2nd

Hi there Ice Warriors!

It’s Tuesday! You know what that means… another troop interview! Today you will learn a little more about our IW veteran, Snow the 2nd!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Snow for an interview. Carry on reading to find out more about Snow’s army history and some funny stories, such as how he ended up getting that iconic snowskitter profile picture! Continue reading


Hello lovely Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Alaska to practice some formations and phrasal tactics. Our close friends from SWAT spent that time with us and made the training much more entertaining. Thank you dearest allies for coming! If you missed our training with SWAT before the Christmas Chaos turnament, check pictures below!

=== max penguins online: 47 ===

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