Our Minecraft Server’s One Year Anniversary!

Hello Minecrafters! You may not already know, but today is the IW Minecraft Server’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! This is a great accomplishment, but we couldn’t have done it without all of you. In this post, the Head Mods of the MC server wanted to give you all our big thank you’s for helping this server grow and also to share some fun memories. Continue reading to see all the amazing stuff we’ve done over this past year!

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A Deep Dive into the IW Minecraft Server

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you guys have all had a great week so far! As we are finally getting close to the impending Legends Cup Tournament, it’s time to breathe, look back, and to have a little overview of our well-renowned Minecraft Server, ran by our amazing moderators and filled with many of our awesome troops! Whilst we are aware that sadly not all of you are able to play on the server, we do hope to give you guys a tour of some of the massive areas and builds (both old and new) around the server to demonstrate just how much it’s evolved over time!

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Fan Art Friday #10

Hey Ice Family!

It’s time for this week’s Fan Art Friday! We have so many amazing artists in IW! Let’s look at some of the art that was posted this week. I also had the opportunity to ask these amazing artists about the inspiration behind their artwork.

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A Peek into our Minecraft Server

Hey Ice Warriors! As you may know, we have a Minecraft server for our troops, which was created by Subster, with the help of Iceyfeet, DrQueen, Turbotankz, Mordie, Kally, Mae, and Snow the 2nd. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to play on our server but I’m here to help with an exclusive inside look into the server!

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