Our Minecraft Server’s One Year Anniversary!

Hello Minecrafters! You may not already know, but today is the IW Minecraft Server’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! This is a great accomplishment, but we couldn’t have done it without all of you. In this post, the Head Mods of the MC server wanted to give you all our big thank you’s for helping this server grow and also to share some fun memories. Continue reading to see all the amazing stuff we’ve done over this past year!

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Life of a MC Moderator

Hey Ice Warriors!!

Now that Ice Warriors is soon rejoining Club Penguin, I would like to thank our staff team for all they do and for introducing all types of new games for you guys to play. Let’s recap on our infamous Java Minecraft server that we all know and love. There have been wonderful challenges and events such as the building contests and hide and seek! But Wait! What about the moderators themselves? For this I have interviewed the most knowledgeable MC Mods themselves: Subster, Kally, Kala, and Drqueen for an insight into their Minecraft lives. 

I’m sure all of you have been wondering what happens in the MC server or perhaps how the server came about? Stay tuned! ^^ 

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