Our Minecraft Server’s One Year Anniversary!

Hello Minecrafters! You may not already know, but today is the IW Minecraft Server’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! This is a great accomplishment, but we couldn’t have done it without all of you. In this post, the Head Mods of the MC server wanted to give you all our big thank you’s for helping this server grow and also to share some fun memories. Continue reading to see all the amazing stuff we’ve done over this past year!


Before we get into all of the fun stuff, we just wanted to give a huge thank you to all the players for everything they’ve done to help this server become what it is today! We went from a server being single-handedly run by Subster to a huge server with tons of amazing builds and players!

Thank Yous from our Head Mods

Subster: The Minecraft server opened up exactly a year ago today! A lot of work and love has been put into it by every mod that’s been working on our server since then, even by the ones who retired. I’m so so so proud of how far our server has come from a single idea Iceyfeet and I had a year ago! Thank you so much to anyone who has played on our server, supported it via discord or Patreon and helped spread the word of it to our friends! 

Chevy: Thank you to all the mods and players who helped this server grow. Without all of you, we would’ve never been able to reach this point in the server. I wonder how far we can go! Happy 1 year anniversary to the MC server! :birbparty:

Snow: Crazy to believe it’s almost been a full year since I became a mod on this- and doing so much fun stuff since then. Thank you to both the mods and players that helped build this awesome server and for giving us so many amazing memories over this past year (trying not to mention the two server crashes LOL- I don’t think anyone will be forgetting that any time soon) I look forward to watching this server grow further and doing some more cool stuff down the line.

Et3rnal_Vo1d: I’d first like to thank all the players of the server. I can remember my old days of being a troop, playing on the server for hours on end. I’ve made so many memories with you guys, it’s actually been unreal. I can remember participating in tons of events with all of you, making detailed builds, grinding for items, and overall just having a great time. Thank you all for choosing our server to play on, we love seeing your builds and hearing your stories. You players have really shaped the server into what it is today and we really appreciate that. I’d also like to give a huge thank you to our server moderators. They are the ones who bring you fun events every week and keep the server looking aesthetically pleasing. For those of you who haven’t seen our server or would like to see how much it’s grown, you can compare the two tours below and scroll through the images we’ve included in this post. Maybe some of your builds have been featured!

Look at how far we’ve come! Click each link to read a previous MC post!

 Destruction of DrQueen’s Cafe

Life of a MC Mod

Wither Crash That Snow 100% Caused

Server Deep Dive

MC Server Shenanigans

The Ender Dragon Incident

Messages from some of our current and past mods

Kally: It’s crazy to see how far the Minecraft server has come. It started off with just a few mods building around and testing what could look cool to a full server of people with some of the wildest builds one has ever seen! Super grateful to have been part of this journey and here’s to many more years! Maybe one day we’ll finish the secret cave we started a year ago :OOP: Fingers crossed, I’ve been too busy building a farm :blueheart:

Nathan: The MC server is home to some great memories, from just talking with Emma about random things while we build a statue for Blue, or hanging out with troops, and seeing what everyone has built! I just want to say thank you to the troops and head mods for making it a super fun experience, and Kally, please destroy the sign saying “NATHAN LOST THE GRAPHICS CONTEST IN THE FIRST ROUND” tyvm, I was being nice to the troops.

DrQueen:I am very impressed by the amount of progress and great changes this MC server has endured this past year. The hard-working MC moderator team never fails their duty to put on events for our troops and continue to advertise the server as something huge. I’ve seen many members from our staff team come close to together due to this server and the memories made on there are too much to explain (TBT to when DrQueen’s cafe got blown up), the memes, the stories, the honour of Water Ninjas on there, honour our staff, troops, and veterans, really makes this Minecraft server a special place to have fun and host events. I am excited to see what the next big thing is in store for this server, here’s to many more MC memories :Awe~1:

Levelz: When I first started playing on the Minecraft server a lot it was around like early January and it was so so much fun, I remember being on the server every day and joining all of the Minecraft game events :3 I remember when I ranked up to full staff I started hosting my own events too and seeing all the troops and staff come and play together was really nice and it was a lot of fun, I can say for sure that that was one of the best moments in IW for me because I enjoyed it so much. And I know none of that would have been possible without all of the MC Staff so I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who helped out the server from retired staff to current staff, you guys do so much ❤

Crisy: I remember feeling really down a while back, and my bestie Subster told me I should try out playing Minecraft with her. I listened to her and it was the best decision I made. The IW Minecraft server has been amazing, even tho it may be chaotic at times:chilepls: I miss all my special piggies that have mysteriously disappeared on the server #Justice4PiggyWiggle :WAAAHHH: But overall I have made a lot of amazing memories on the mc server! A special thank you to all the troops & mods on the server for making the server so much fun!:Crisy::PiggyWiggle:

Turbo: I never expected IW to have a Minecraft Server but I am glad I was proven wrong. A year ago when this server launched we only had the large castle and that too still had a lot fewer features than it does right now but over a year the server really changed dramatically for the best! I mean we have a lot of fun locations to explore, new rules to keep us safe, an epic mod team, the castle is larger than ever and filled with secrets and nifty things to explore including underground, and much more! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MC SERVER!

Mae: Working on the server was a blast, I am proud of Sub and all the other mods for creating a safe space for IW to have fun on Minecraft and also making it really cool. I love that some of the designs are based on former leaders and staff that way there can still be memories of who came before and make them feel included. The server was made with love and care for IW and that’s what makes it special. 🙂

Dany: The MC Server is one of the best things we have here at IW. It’s super cool and the events are always fun, I’m really glad I got java to play on the server. but with the mods crashing the server thrice a month it becomes a challenge really :9ACOSP_tiredspongbob: I’m thankful for the opportunity I have of becoming a mod though, it’s always fun and we get to build what the community finds interesting, I could go on and on about this but this paragraph is getting long, so keep on waddling around the mc server peeps:CoolChamp:

Jean: As you all might know, we have our own little MC Dork Pet. Her name is none other than Chevy. She once fell off a cliff in MC and said the chicken was at fault. The chicken has been charged for the crime. The chickens body has been built on top of the KFC. Perhaps this crime was the origin of KFC’s creation. Anyway chevy is a dork and a noob uwu owo

Purple: One of my favourite moments on Minecraft would probably be when Chevy used to break all my windows it was so funny :laughingatnoab: She spent like 2hrs trying to break them all. That’s why her nickname now is a window breaker :dogrun:

Iceyfeet1234: hmmmm I would like to say thank you to everyone who put in so much work and effort into the castle and the server overall, walking up to the castle from afar and seeing how much we’ve put into it and its expansion overtime is absolutely drawdropping

Angel: My favourite memory in IWs MC server is when I and Jean decided to go on an adventure, on a search to find cows. Days had passed and we find this huge mountain. We climb up, found 1 cow and built fences, and held the cow in that ”cage” for Jean’s next experiment. Later that day, we got 2 cows inside the cage, got a baby cow and its just been growing to a huge cow family! Hours had gone by, and i started thinking, ”Hmm we need a house to keep us safe at night from mobs.” I started on a project later to be our home. I was thinking of a snake-ish form house kind of build. It spreads out to one day to be our real base, our home, our family castle. It took days and hours to build it, but was worth it. The cows seems to enjoy it, and Jean and I moved in eventually.

Emma: Once upon a time I was peacefully playing on the mc server. A dear player came up to me and told me they had a gift, I said yes ofc. it was the one and only magic grape. Legends say that the grape never gets rotten. I didn’t think it was true so I hang it up on my wall and waited. It never rotted, and it’s still hanging on that wall.

IceQueen: I think my most favourite moment is when Subster surprised me with my own personal room in the castle! It’s just so pretty <3. My funniest moment would be when Snow and Freedomist hosted the Wither event. At the time I didn’t even know how to set my respawn point (we don’t talk about that though) anyway the event was going super well and then somehow the server ended up crashing LOL. They all used me, the MC Noob, as the scapegoat but for all the readers: I am not the Real MC Server Crasher. For more info check out the Special Report that was released on it here. XD

Kristina: happy birthday to the mc server!!! it’s amazing how much I’ve seen it evolve and become so so so beautiful from already being rly incredible back in December! i had never really played mc before the server, but I’ve had so much fun on there, and i love hosting treasure hunts on there!!! and also im rly good at building staircases :sunglasses:

Freedomist: I’d have to say my favourite moments were all the fun events hosted on the MC server, they helped me form many unforgettable memories on the mc server from funny moments to spending time with some great people. Forever thankful for the mc server and wishing it a happy one year anniversary:iwpray:

Qt Ben: my favourite thing about the IW MC server is probably the memories. I have countless screenshots of me hanging out with people on the server, and I always enjoy going on the server knowing there will be someone I can chill and hang out with. Another great thing about the server is the events that the staff host. There are multiple games we play, and they are always so much fun :). You should definitely try to attend them :nrdDrQueen:

Delighted Goyal: Ever since I joined the Minecraft server, I had a goal, a goal to get Minecraft mod. And after about a year (yes it took me that long :iwpray: ) I finally got it! Even though I don’t play much anymore, the Minecraft server is a great place to hang out and make new friends. Also, if you haven’t got Minecraft, buy it. Getting java was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life (yes I’m that sad) because you actually get brainpower from downloading that. I am a reliable source. Trust me. Tell your parents about me.

Note: Unfortunately we couldn’t include every single mod as some have retired and lost contact with us but they’re here in memory! We love you guys so much xoxo

Pictures of our server & funny moments!

A troop posing to next to one of the block of emeralds they found during the treasure hunt!

Getting prepped for the Wither event!

Screenshot from one of our first Minecraft building contests

Chevy and one of her terrifying skins

Purple turned into a parrot?

Chevy likes to trap cats in boats

Crisy and Piggy Wiggle!


Spot the Subster

April Fools pranked played on Subster! Dirt castle

A little server mishap by Eternal, whoops!

This is edited, snow 100000% broke it

The Cafe aftermath…

Crasher the second

Chevy gets killed by a chicken

Subster’s birthday castle and dragon made by Gavin and Chevy! This is the dragon that destroyed Kally’s spa

Ender dragon damage!!

Subway built by Crisy for Subs’ birthday

An acheivement all our mods receive……. not a good thing

Subster and Icequeen hanging out in Icequeens room!

We never know what kind of chaos Chevy will cause when she logs in

Rest In Peace Piggy Wiggle, Piggy wiggle jr, Piggy Wiggle jr jr, Piggy Wiggle jr jr jr, Piggy Wigg- Theres too many to count

Purple destroying the castle and Chevy ratting her out

For some reason Chevy has an obsession with Purples cat?

Herbert P Bear visiting for a sandwich

Theres no polar bear parking in our server!!!

Our server is apparently Italy?

Subster likes to break plugins

Freedomist sitting on his toilet and leading events

The original castle before we upgraded it! It was much smaller with only 2 floors

Piggy Wiggle has still not been found a year later

Thank you again to everyone who has helped our server grow! Thank you to all our troops, our allies who have checked out our server, the mods that presently work on the server and all of our past mods! We love you all so much and this support means so much to each and every one of us. We all hope to bring more content for years to come and expand our server as much as possible! Lots of love!!!

 -Subster, Eternal, Chevy, Snow and the entire MC team


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  1. Happy birthday MC server! <33


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