Ender Dragon Seeks Revenge On Kally After Slaying Event

Happy Monday Ice Warriors!

Today we have a 100% new, never-thought-of-before type of article: Minecraft Server Crash. But there wasn’t only a server crash… but also an ender dragon on the loose? Continue reading to learn more! 

Before knowing about the 18 ender dragons, the Minecraft moderators panicked when the server crashed out of nowhere. How did the server crash? Well, the problem started when our advisor, Madhav, decided he wanted to build an entire zoo under his base. Of course, an underground zoo would require lots of space to build. How could one get rid of a bunch of blocks without slaving away for hours mining?

The world editor command is one way to do it. It’s the lazy way to free up space which was perfect for Madhav. When entering the command, he was prompted to enter a radius, so he entered the number 100. He thought this would clear 100 blocks, but boy was he wrong. Instead of clearing 100 blocks, it cleared 1000 blocks. 

Madhav quickly saw his mistake and tried to undo it. Unfortunately, it did not work. It lagged the server so badly that it crashed. Everyone that was on the server started pointing fingers: How did the server crash? Did IceQueen crash the server again? This happens too much…

Whats better? Ranking up as staff in IW or earning the title of MC server crasher?

So, everyone frantically messaged Subster to tell her that the server crashed. Her status quickly changed from a heartfelt message to “Yall are gonna be the death of me.” She got the server up and running again, only to find out that this was the calm before the storm. 

Utter Panic…? Or just Purple yelling

Ender Dragon Rampage….

After the MC server was back up and running, Subster decided to scout the area for any other destroyed landforms. She ended up finding a huge hole and realized it wasn’t done by the World Edit, but it was done by none other than 8 ender dragons. How? The ender dragons are in the end… or are they? She decided to investigate where the dragons came from, and we found multiple just flying around the server. You’re probably asking yourself “But how did an ender dragon even make it to the over-world?” You see it was Subster’s birthday surprise from Gavin. He used command blocks to stop it from moving and placed it on a castle. There were two castles; the 2nd was placed in spawn. The original Ender Dragon however was left forgotten about and it somehow freed and multiplied itself, which proceeded south towards spawn. All the Minecraft Mods had to chase them and kill them using commands. While we were chasing them and trying to use the /kill command, we found out that there were 18 of them not 8, but this wasn’t even half the story. When we all saw what had happened we were frightened from what we were witnessing. Kally’s (one of our LITS) salon had a huge hole in it right through it. All the MC Mods suddenly realized that this was where the hole had taken place, this huge tragedy was around 400 blocks long, that all 18 ender dragons caused. This was too much for the MC Mods to fix, so we had to choose the option of doing a server rollback.

It seems that the dragon has left a hole in Kally’s salon…

When Subster saw the huge hole reappeared she panicked and rolled the server back once again. Right after she rolled back the server, she ran the /kill command to kill all ender dragons in the server, which killed only 8 dragons. Subster felt uneasy as she did the same thing last time, yet the hole still reappeared. She stood in front of Kally’s salon for a while to protect it. However, time went by and Subster had to log off. Crisy stayed a bit longer just wandering around. As night time approached she saw not one, but TWO ender dragons flying towards Kally’s salon. Fortunately, Gavin came to save the day and ran the /kill command killing a horrifying total of 18 ender dragons. 

Thank you Gavin the Dragon Slayer

There were two ways the dragon could have entered, but something didn’t add up. In between these two paths, the ender dragon could have flown through the Ice Family Home or The migrator, yet neither were harmed… the ender dragon only destroyed one thing which was Kally’s salon. It appears the ender dragon was seeking revenge on Kally for hosting a slay-the-wither event where an ender dragon was killed. So, the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t mess with ender dragons.

As you can see, there is so much chaos on the Minecraft server! First, we have the destruction of DrQueen’s coffee shop (Read more here) to now letting ender dragon’s on the loose. Will the Minecraft server ever be safe? Stay tuned for our next Minecraft article!


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