Q and A: Should you get in Chevy’s Mystery Van?

Hey Ice Warriors!

The week has started and I hope everyone has had a great start! I hope you’re excited about this week’s Q&A! 

Let’s get started so you can learn how people got their nicknames and what they’d do if they got the leader rank in IW! Fun Fact you can see our leaders lead really fast at our next important event #march-madness, we would love to see you all! and now let’s get started with the Q&A.

To begin I asked: Everyone eventually gets nicknames in IW, which one of yours is your favorite and how did you get it?

Franz: My favorite nickname is Franzy. I was in DMs with an IW troop by the name of Melonz. Melonz and I are friends and when we were DMing each other one-day Melonz said: “What is a nickname I can call you and only I can?”. We started discussing this and adding letters to the end of “Franz”.

HeadChicken: My favorite of mine would have to be HC, which most call me by. I honestly don’t really know how I got it but it was formed by my name HeadChicken with the 2 capital letters in around January!

Josh: Oh gosh, I know I have a whole lot of nicknames (especially from Crisy), but I think the most memorable one to me is “Lil Chleb” a nickname based on IW Staff/Veteran mini who is the “Chleb staff”. I got this name considering I’m the only child of Mini in Ice Warriors.


For our next question: Getting the leader ranking in IW is a big achievement, what would be the first thing you’d do if you got it?

Five: That’s a very hard question. If I would get IW leader right now, no doubt I would either demote all of the simps and noobs or celebrate by changing everyone’s nicknames. :E7:

Dany: The First thing I would do is give a little speech on how important and meaningful IW is for me, it really made an impact on my life.

Maya: I would change someone’s name.


Abi: Do you think people should get in Chevy’s van? Why or why not?

Ghosty: Yes they should get in the van because why not? It’s a nice white van UwU AND if you get in, chevy will give you some candy! So get in Chevy’s van <333

Swirl: I think people should go in Chevy’s van because she has the latest fridges up to date.

Chevy: Oh hi Mary. I guess I could tell you but you better not tell anyone. My van is an amazing place for everyone (except microwaves cause they smell like salt) so who wouldn’t want to get in my van? Not to mention my van is literally a sideways fridge with Walmart wheels, that would be a pretty cool story to tell, wouldn’t it? Everyone there also gets a random screenshot that they can use to either expose Purple, Abi, qt Ben, or DrQueen (funded by Swirl). The van also has mini-fridges, noodles, microwave protest signs, and much more! It’s a lot of fun, but the people don’t get in the van for free. Once they’re in the van they automatically sign a contract which states that they must attend #march-madness otherwise I might send Obama to steal their fridges. So, people should get in my van for the fun stories, nice exposing-screenshots, and so much more that I can’t explain here.

And, that concludes it! I hope you enjoyed learning more about our IW members! Go ahead and check out our other articles that also include other fun facts! and of course…

Keep Being Amazing! :heartsblue:

4 Responses

  1. rip im busy during march madness but i dont think yall should go in there just in case


  2. (in the can that is)


  3. this is funny af


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