The Retirement of Iceyfeet1234

lol hi iw

Im retiring. bye.


jkjk April fools!! >:)

Heyo Ice Warriors! 

Today we have an interesting story to tell, one that involves the creator Iceyfeet1234, and bagels? It appears Icey’s breakfast was stolen!!! But by who? And why? Continue reading to find out the culprits!

This all begins when our creator, Iceyfeet1234, sat down in his igloo to enjoy his breakfast. He noticed something was missing from his plate, but what? He then realized his bagels were gone! None could be found in the igloo, or in the town either. 

First, he questions his leaders and leaders in training about this horrible incident, but none of them knew anything! He then moved onto his trusted staff, staff, and staff in training, but no one spoke up. A full investigation was now on its way to find the culprits. 

Icey in the town searching for his bagels

Later that night, Icey and the leaders found out the culprits! It was none other than HeadChicken, Kayles, and Subster!! How could they do such a thing? Well that’s easy, they went to Icey’s house to find some snowflakes, but instead found his bagels! They were too good to resist, so when he was making his other breakfast items, they took them!!!
Poor Icey was devastated about this tragedy but what exactly did they do with the bagels? All 3 of them were waddling around the CPR island and realized 2 of Icey’s bagels went missing! They made it into the cove and suddenly heard chomping near a rock by the water. It was none other than a blue Puffle eating those 2 bagels! Luckily, we got hold of 1 bagel and hid it inside the beacon so Icey will never find it!


Olaf’s POV!

Olaf, the blue Puffle, was very hungry! His owner, Icequeen1020, had gone out to help Icey find his bagels and wouldn’t be back for a while. Olaf noticed that his food bowl was empty and Icequeen had forgotten to fill it before she left! So Olaf used the Puffle door in the Ice castle igloo to go out and find Icequeen. 

He searched everywhere and instead of finding his owner, he smelt something wonderful! The smell of burnt bagels! One of his favorite smells that he always enjoyed when he visited Icey with Icequeen. Olaf followed the smell to the cove where three bagels were sitting in the sand behind a rock! Olaf was super excited and took a huge bite out of one of the bagels, gobbling it up quickly. While on the second bagel he heard the voices of HeadChicken, Subster and Kayles. Olaf was lucky enough to gobble up the second bagel but wasn’t able to eat the second one before Kayles picked it up. HeadChicken gave Olaf some Puffle o’s in exchange for the bagel, which Olaf thought tasted a lot better than bagels covered in sand! Subster took Olaf back home where Icequeen was frantically pacing around her igloo trying to find Olaf. Olaf was super excited to be home again and he even shared his puffle o’s with Icequeen!

Olaf eating Icey’s burnt bagels!


That wraps up today’s article, hope you all enjoyed our little prank for April Fools Day, hope you have a great April 1st! Make sure to check out #event-information & #March-Madness on our discord server for the next event, always remember to never stop being yourself.



Icey yeeting Olaf for eating his bagels


3 Responses

  1. lol this is very so funny


  2. oml i love this lol “tasted better than bagels covered in sand” please do more like this lol


  3. LMAO OMG THIS WAS SO FUNNY XD 🤣 Olaf is indeed my puffle 💙
    Dad, how dare you yeet Olaf?!


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