Meme of the Week: Burnt bagel bedlam

Hey, this is Rein from the Ice Warriors Igloo Kingdom.

This morning, all Ice Warrior staff left the recruiting mine early in panic. We feared this may not end well… where were Icey’s burnt bagels?

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The Retirement of Iceyfeet1234

lol hi iw

Im retiring. bye.


jkjk April fools!! >:)

Heyo Ice Warriors! 

Today we have an interesting story to tell, one that involves the creator Iceyfeet1234, and bagels? It appears Icey’s breakfast was stolen!!! But by who? And why? Continue reading to find out the culprits!

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Meme of the Week: Burnt Bagels

Whether you’re new to Ice Warriors or know about this meme already, something that’s mentioned in the chat quite often is Iceyfeet’s breakfast. Now, a lot of people have heard of this daily breakfast snap series, while some have even had the pleasure of seeing it themselves. Most of the time, these breakfasts include items such as bagels, eggs, chocolate, ice cream, bacon, waffles, and more! 

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