Meme of the Week: Burnt bagel bedlam

Hey, this is Rein from the Ice Warriors Igloo Kingdom.

This morning, all Ice Warrior staff left the recruiting mine early in panic. We feared this may not end well… where were Icey’s burnt bagels?

Icey’s personal chef and doctor, DrQueen, has made it clear that we need to find the bagels. She claims to have put them on the marble counter but they’re not there anymore. Where could they be? We searched every nook and cranny but were unable to find them.

Abi tried to help DrQueen make new ones but we were out of bagels. I never thought we would say this but we are DOOMED. We didn’t feel the need to blame anyone, because bagels weren’t a priority for March Madness.

Made by Dank Memer

It happened, an idea popped up in my head. I rushed to the staff dorms and took a page from my staff guidelines (don’t demote me) and made a missing bagel poster. Must say I’m quite fond of my masterpiece. Reward was 100 000 Snowflakes, sponsored by IceQueen’s bank account.

100 000 Snowflakes, totally not stolen from IceQueen

Everyone in the kitchen waited then suddenly we heard Icey’s footsteps doom-doom down the hallway, he had a smile and star-struck eyes. Could it be? Had he found a new chef? He found the bagels hidden in Law’s room! To celebrate, we held promo parties and danced in the CPR nightclub. That must be the best thing of life, it always ends good.

Icey is an amazing businessman. Made by SuperEvilSlayer17

Want to know more about this classic meme? Check out: here, a truly amazing article written by Trinity.

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  1. Yay my meme made it in!

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  2. Truly amazing story!

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  3. get your own bagels thief /hj

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