Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: April 5th 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

It’s a brand new week! Since our March Madness win on Saturday we have ALOT of people getting special mentions this week for our new Troop, Recruiter and Staff of the week! Also as March has ended we have our first Reporter of the Month! 

Troops of the Week: Ayame, Oxperation & Yeetus!

Oxperation, Yeetus & Ayame are always super active on main chat, being welcoming to new troops,  and have been attending many of our Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR) events! Thank you for your dedication and congratulations to you all!

Our Troops of the week; Ayame, Oxperation & Yeetus!

Recruiter of the Week: Redwalkzz!

This week, the recruiter of the week is Redwalkzz! Congratulations! Thank you for all of your hard work in bringing new troops to join the Ice Warriors Family! Redwalkzz is also a very talented drawer, below is one of his art pieces! 

Iron Man Mark 48 by our Recruiter of the Week, Redwalkzz!

Staff Members of the Week: Alucard & Archie!

Alucard and Archie have been staff members in Ice Warriors for a very long time! They worked incredibly hard this past week during our March Madness, welcoming and recruiting new troops and helping new troops get set up on CPR! Congratulations to you both!

Our two VERY Bri’ish Staff Members of the Week; Alucard & Archie!

Reporter of the Month: HeadChicken!

For the month of March, the IW News Center team awarded HeadChicken with Reporter of the Month! HeadChicken is a young reporter who joined the team only a mere month ago, but wrote post after post, bringing fresh new ideas to the table with him. HeadChicken truly has a talent for writing, and we are happy to have you on our team! Congratulations HeadChicken! – Kally & DrQueen, IWNC Heads

Our Reporter of the Month, HeadChicken!

Be sure to congratulate Oxperation, Yeetus, Ayame, Redwalkzz, Alucard, Archie & Headchicken when you see them on main chat! Maybe next week you’ll be selected and as always, remember to…


Love Yourselves!

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