[US] Invasion of Abominable


Hey there Ice Warriors! Today our United States division logged on to invade Abominable from the tyrannical Doritos. We faced no opposition and were successful in the operation. We could do a bit better next time, but I was still happy with this event. 


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[UK] Training Event

UK Events

Hello Ice Warriors! Yesterday, we had an amazing training event where we maxed sizes of over 30+! We haven’t had a UK event in a long time, but after adding all of our UK troops to a kik group and hyping this event from the start of the week, we were able to come back with an amazing event.

Screenshot 2015-10-29.6

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[AUSIA] Unscheduled Training Session

We had a ton of recruits on chat, so we decided to hold an unscheduled training session! We did much better than the scheduled raid of Summit earlier, and I was impressed with the results. IW’s Ausia is officially back on track and ready. Without further ado, let’s get to the pictures!


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[AUSIA] A-Team

One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.


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[US] Back on Track Event ~ Invasion of Avalanche

US Events

Greetings Ice Warriors! Today we logged on to Avalanche to claim it for our very own from the Doritos Army who didn’t show up which led it as an automatic victory for the Ice Warriors! Avalanche is now part of the Ice Warriors Nation! We did extremely well in our invasion and we will soon be hitting 55+!

Maximum Size: 47+ || Average Size: 45+

Screenshot at Oct 30 21-27-00

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[AUSIA] Raid of Summit


Hey there Ice Warriors! Today our AUSIA division logged on for a raid of DCP’s capital, Summit. Unfortunately, I only got one decent picture because Mustapha and Brad thought it’d be fun to just follow us around the entire event and throw snowballs. 

[UK] Successful Invasion of Matterhorn

UK Events

Hey there Ice Warriors! Today our United Kingdom division initiated the war vs DCP with an invasion of Matterhorn. We faced no opposition; Matterhorn is now apart of the Ice Warriors Nation. As before, tactics weren’t as flawless as tons of new troops just attended their first event in their career. 


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[US] Training Session on Abominable

US Events

Hey there Ice Warriors! Today our United States division logged on to Abominable for a fun training session. We decided to shake things up a bit and hold the event in the Dance Club. Tactics and size were both on point. Several new recruits had just attended their first event, so tactics weren’t completely perfect as they were still learning the event process. With a few more events, they should be able to master doing tactics and changing formations. Without further ado, let’s get to the pics!


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