New Member Uniform

Iceyfeet Edit: Sorry Artic XD, but we will have another uniform. Ill post a picture of it on Friday. I will add onto this post about the new uniform and where to get the items. I will also add a major battle that will be coming up in about a week that can earn everyone a promotion. More info will be edited to this post on Friday.

❗ Remember to look at the post above this ❗

Iceyfeet Edit:


Blue Baseball Cap: October Clothing Catalog
Blue Facepaint: Stadium Sports Catalog
Blue CP Jacket: October Clothing Catalog
Blue Cape: Last play at the stage, Shadow guy and Gamma girl
Blue Guitar: Lighthouse Instrument Catalog
Blue Shoes: Stadium Sports Catalog, click the blue cheerleaders beak.

Hi guys, Artic here. CP has released some new items, and they look quite good on our Uniform. Starting now, this will be the member uniform.

The blue guitar is interchangeable with the bass guitar, but try and wear all the other items.



Interesting Post

Some random news is all I have, nothing related to cp stuff, but it might change your life and or opinions shall I say.

Recently, scientists discovered a new planet, exactly like earth. Yes, exactly , like earth. Instead of me giving the details, im just gonna give you guys the post from yahoo. Here it is !

If you want anymore information, they launched a rocket already toward the planet, we do have the technology to reach it right now! The thing that stinks is, its not in our life time, but atleast we know our children and/or grandchildren will expierence it.

Thats all for now, Bye guys!


Victory on Sub Zero

Gill1097 Edit: This is sorta a message to ACP, if you guys want to  keep giving our site, more and more hits and comments, by all means you may. All this edit is here to tell you is that, when RPF first discovered the tactic, noone addressed them , noone stopped them, noone threatened them. If all the armies didnt chime in on RPF`s side, IW would be long gone by now. If ACP wants to make a new rule for this tactic never to be used again, thats fine, but dont be spamming hate comments when your closest ally did the same thing. IW never called GT nor NW, those pics might have been from the big war vs. IW. IW only had one ally helping, and that was TG. Before this turns into an all out war, its gotta stop. The only reason IW is invading again and again, is because Sub Zero is the IW capital. IW wont stop, till’ its ours.

Artic: Ok so can we all agree this invasion rule sucks and get rid of it for all the next battles? Agreed ;D

Iceyfeet Edit: Replies:

Pictures of NW and GT chat: I was telling the NW/IW troops to make sure theyre at the chat 30 MINUTES BEFORE the battle started. The troops thought NW was supposed to help, but really they had to help IW, and they are IN IW. Second I never even went to GT chat to ask for help.

Matre: It’s funny how there are pictures in our comments showing us having 25+ at the town. We had 10+ troops trying to get INTO the town, due to it being full. Also, how can you judge that we are #9 if we get more troops than the #3 army? Also in the picture at the snow forts, you can cleary see that the time is 12:10PM PST, which is 3:10PM EST, which was a little over half way through the battle.

CPA: Bottum line is we claimed 5 rooms. Those are the rules you judge for every other battle, those are the rules you’re judging for ours. We won back Sub Zero and it will be claimed as an IW server until someone else can invade it from us.

Motor: You took a picture of Artic telling IW to log off over 20 minutes before the battle even started. How is that cheating? How is 20 minutes before the battle start supposed to be in the middle of the battle?

Boomer: Again, I never even went to GT chat before the battle started. On NW chat I was addressing to troops that are in both NW AND IW, BUT NW is their main army. So, I had to make sure they were clear that today’s battle was an ACP V.S. IW battle, and not an ACP V.S. IW/NW battle. For the note about Artic, he isnt leader, he is 2ic. Even though I agree Artic does have authority over many things, why do you pick his point of the battle (not attended) over mine? Did you not want to admit that IW WON?

Artic: BTW, I’m not trying to say anything bad about you in these applies, so dont feel “harmed” XD lol.

Today we reclaimed our capital, Sub Zero. We had some problems before the battle started, but right when we began to recruit we started to pick up more troops. Overall we did pretty good, considered we were partly split up around the island. I have some pics proving that we claimed 5 rooms and won.

Clearly you can see that we had 5+ people in each picture. All of these pictures were taken after ACP “reclaimed” each room. Bottum line, we won Sub Zero back. We have the 5 pictures to prove it.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

The Final Battle

 Full Edit 2: Scroll down to see our new Member Uniform. Stop de sticky-ing this post. Both of the edits are now in one, also,


Alright, todays performance sort of Sucked, almost no one showed up.  It doesn’t matter though, we already took Sub Zero last time.  We own Sub Zero.  Now anyways, this war needs to end, I would consider it a world war by now, its been on since August. Anyways, we will end his war now with one final battle. This will not be an invasion, as the rules for an invasion are to awkward for large armies to be fighting each other, as both armies would probably agree.   First off here’s the battle info, please try to come. I have posted it to be in 2 weeks so we can prepare.

❗ Final Battle of World War V ❗

Date: Sunday October 10th


Server: Klondike (if Klondike is full, outback)

Rooms: The underground



3:00 EST

2:00 PST

1:00 MST

12:00 PST

8:00 UK

As you can tell, this battle will be a little different, more reminiscent to the final battle of WW3, but there’s a reason. This battle will be for all IW servers ACP owns or claims to own.


1. This battle will take place in the Mine, Pool, and Boiler Room. IW will start in the mine, ACP will start in the Boiler Room, and the pool will start off as neutral ground. When a CPAC judge says its 12 PST, both armies will rush into the pool and fight. An army can fall back into their base room also. This is set up so if people are locked out, or an army has a bad start, they can fall back to their base, where a lot of the enemy will be locked out instead.  The battle will last 2 hours, or end when an army has clearly lost their base.

2. No maps/ coming into the enemy base from behind. This is a 3 room battle.

3. No allies or bots.

4. Please refrain from using Fart bombs. We don’t want to lag out soldiers/ CPAC camera man (CPAC needs on of these 😀 ) ACP you have your clover bombs anyways.

5.  Please try not to log on until an hour before the battle. Seriously, logging on 5 hours early for this extra long battle just to assure a lead is stupid.  Also, whatever recruiting you can do should be in your base.

6. Don’t do anything stupid and try to make this a fun World War.

Training (IW only)

After todays disappointment we will be having training sessions every Wednesday and Friday, and Recruiting every Saturday and Monday. Recruiting will be on Mammoth and double as a raid to train the new recruits with.

All of these events will be at 7 EST

Some tips about fighting ACP:

Yeah I know I ripped this off from ACP site, but its a good idea


ACP usually use clover bombs and fart bombs (which they hopefully won’t this battle), along with some other tactics. To avoid any ACP Charges, use Puffle Emotes  as a shield.  They also like to make a Circle a lot, so when this happens overwhelm the weakest side, and get out of the center. We may use the Phalanx Tactic a lot in this battle, remember its just a filled in square. If you can’t fit in the phalanx, gather near it.


ACP usually has a large size, so be ready to get locked out of the room a lot. Don’t complain about it, and try to recruit people in an adjacent room.



Anyways, please try to come early, and come to all the training.



Edit: All troops need to visit our mini city to get 1000 civilians in it! Heres what to do:

If you are a member rank, visit:

If you are a moderator rank, visit:

If you are a Owner rank, or if you are not in IW visit:

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234



Sorry we havent been posting this past week. We want as many troops to know about the Sub Zero Invasion on Sunday, so we tryed to keep everything settled as in event wise.The School Schedual events were cancled over the past 2 weeks due to the past war and the current invasions. Starting on next Thursday we will be keeping track of who comes to the school events and we will begin to hand out medals. If you attend the Sub Zero invasion, you will recieve 5 medals!

Make sure to be on chat 30 min early, more info below!

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

What did we do wrong?

Ok. If ACP is really not worthy of accepting a defeat, I will have to prove it.

5 rooms that TG took with the 5 required soldiers (there are a few other rooms, but only 5 are needed)

We did not break any rules, we did nothing wrong. According to Skloop,

“So, in my opinion, if two armies are invading, at least one of them need to claim 5 rooms.”

TG claimed 5 rooms, we won. No arguing. Its done. IW won. Lol I rhymed





We will be having a lot of events this week, including the normal school schedule, a moderator+ meeting, 2 defenses, and 1 invasion. Here is the info:

Iceyfeet Edit: 1. Bob wants to see how big IW has grown. 2. We are going to prove that we are the #1 army during the Sub Zero Invasion.

Artic:  I suggest we hold this as a normal battle since neither side is certain who owns it, and it would be more ACP invading us while we are having an event since we and TG successfully took it.

Invasion of Sub Zero

Where: Sub Zero, Town
When: Sunday, September 26
Eastern: 2:30 P.M.
Central: 1:30 P.M.
Mountain: 12:30 P.M.
Pacific: 11:30 A.M.
UK: 7:30 P.M.


Before this weekends battle we will have a tactic session on Friday. The main focus will be to train new recruits, and practice the Phalanx Tactic.

The Phalanx tactic is basically a rectangle, where we have alot of troops shoulder to shoulder. Heres a edit of what it will look like

(will have more people)






This event will be on Sub Zero, on Friday.


Defense of Southern Lights

Where: Southern Lights, Town

When: Friday, September 24th


Eastern: 4:00 P.M.

Central: 3:00 P.M.

Mountain: 2:00 P.M.

Pacific: 1:00 P.M.

UK: 9:00 P.M.


Defense of Frozen

Where: Frozen, Town

When: Saturday, September 25th


Eastern: 12:00 P.M.

Central: 11:00 A.M.

Mountain: 10:00 A.M.

Pacific: 9:00 A.M.

UK: 5:00 P.M.


Temp Moderator, Moderator, and Owner Meeting


When: Saturday, September 25th


Eastern: 1:00 P.M.

Central: 12:00 P.M.

Mountain: 11:00 A.M.

Pacific: 10:00 A.M.

UK: 6:00 P.M.



War has come home

bye for now

~ Iceyfeet1234


Edit: Today we raided Mammoth, and Wow. If anyone thinks its a dead war server…

That was fun.  It looks like that picture was taken in 2007 or 2008!

Edit: All troops need to visit our mini city to get 1000 civilians in it! Heres what to do:

If you are a member rank, visit:

If you are a moderator rank, visit:

If you are a Owner rank, or if you are not in IW visit:

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Ok. This is stupid.   IW declares war on ACP just to have some fun (atleast I think that’s where Icey was going with this) but now its gone to far. We can’t go through a single battle without arguing about who won or trying to twist all the rules or accusing another of being cheap.  I know Gill posted some pretty offensive stuff, but that picture of those bots was taken around 3 hours before the battle.  It was while ACP and IW were fighting in the Snowforts, when some IW who were locked out found it, and some others came over to take pictures. Nothing “evil” about IW doing that. But seriously, before you accuse an army of being cheap or cowardly, think.  ACP doesn’t know what its like to be the army that wouldn’t win. They have no idea what the feeling is to be going into a battle and wondering whether or not you will win or not, worrying every second that a huge green blob will run into the room and start farting.   Think about it ACP, if an army way bigger then you was occupying your capital, I’m quite sure you would use these tactics. So will you just stop, and think about what its like to be the army that could lose.   It was completely fair to have TG go around capturing rooms, and they had 5 people in at least 6 of the rooms they captured.    Stop focusing on claims a 3IC makes and accept the fact that you lost.

Think about it