Edit: Today we raided Mammoth, and Wow. If anyone thinks its a dead war server…

That was fun.  It looks like that picture was taken in 2007 or 2008!

Edit: All troops need to visit our mini city to get 1000 civilians in it! Heres what to do:

If you are a member rank, visit: http://ice-warriors.myminicity.com/

If you are a moderator rank, visit: http://ice-warriors.myminicity.com/sec

If you are a Owner rank, or if you are not in IW visit: http://ice-warriors.myminicity.com/ind

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Ok. This is stupid.   IW declares war on ACP just to have some fun (atleast I think that’s where Icey was going with this) but now its gone to far. We can’t go through a single battle without arguing about who won or trying to twist all the rules or accusing another of being cheap.  I know Gill posted some pretty offensive stuff, but that picture of those bots was taken around 3 hours before the battle.  It was while ACP and IW were fighting in the Snowforts, when some IW who were locked out found it, and some others came over to take pictures. Nothing “evil” about IW doing that. But seriously, before you accuse an army of being cheap or cowardly, think.  ACP doesn’t know what its like to be the army that wouldn’t win. They have no idea what the feeling is to be going into a battle and wondering whether or not you will win or not, worrying every second that a huge green blob will run into the room and start farting.   Think about it ACP, if an army way bigger then you was occupying your capital, I’m quite sure you would use these tactics. So will you just stop, and think about what its like to be the army that could lose.   It was completely fair to have TG go around capturing rooms, and they had 5 people in at least 6 of the rooms they captured.    Stop focusing on claims a 3IC makes and accept the fact that you lost.

Think about it


27 Responses

  1. oh you go artic !


  2. a green blob comes in and starts farting XD


  3. 1st 2nd or 3rd


  4. actually im third but it wont go thru


  5. I liked the beginning of this Post – but than I realized it’s just a Post to con people to think that IW won. TG can get more than 3 people, they sent 3 people to claim rooms. U-N-F-A-I-R. And of course you’ll reply: “But, but, but RPF did it too”, yeah okay RPF did it. But why are you telling ACP this? We weren’t at their Battle, we couldn’t stop them. You just can’t get through your heads that you don’t follow the rules.
    Artic, the beginning of this Post is totally true. Apparently Icey and Bob just wanted IW to see if they could take it back. They didn’t; We all did this has like a Practice War. But, if we continue with this immature fighting it will cause a huge War. We had fun, ACP and IW did well, ’nuff said.


  6. darn it 7th


  7. 12th, I was there for another 10 medals!


  8. wanna no wat i did i came up to icey and artic several times farted on them then joked em so nobodey could see wat they said


  9. I didn’t really want this to happen now if both armies are arguing who won on each other’s sites. With all respect, this was not a war I even told Icey. And I totally understand IW doing anything means necessary to get their capital back. Honestly I thought it wasn’t a good tactic at all, but thats just me and who am I to judge another army. It was a great battle (Im talking about the battle of Sub Zero btw) and both sides can say they won.

    And like Arctic said these are claims by an Acp 3rd in Command, and I avoid to try to get into this because if I got in this then we all probably would be in war right now (ono). Point is if we want cp warfare to come back then we need to all stop this arguing including me and Acp.

    On the other hand, I have to stick up for my army and I also do think TG really did squat except run around before Acp can find them. I read earlier that RPF used this tactic so if they used it why can’t the IW. One thing is were all in the top 5 major armies, Acp, Iw & Tg. So I expected a major army invasion, not what I saw yesterday. So Iw & Tg your both great armies and I respect you but i’d like to see another invasion of Sub Zero.


  10. I’d say you do a rematch and make it fair, without sneaking.


  11. Uhh which ACP 3ic?


  12. In my opinion, the whole claiming rooms thing is just stupid. If the armies only had to fight in one room, then it would stop the whole sneaking thing and armies would actually FIGHT.


  13. That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  14. @Picture: And than ACP came and whooped ya :mrgreen: Lol, it was really fun! (Sorry if the “whooped ya” was immature.)


  15. Keep telling yourself that sneaking is honorable IW. It’s the only thing keeping you from a mental breakdown.


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