Sunday Funday #25

What’s up Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a nice Sunday. We are back once again to bring you another edition of Sunday Funday. This will be the 25th edition of Sunday Funday, which is a quarter of 100, isn’t that kind of interesting to think about? Well anyway, you get the deal with how these work by now, but if not, then I’ll gladly explain.

Every Sunday, a new post will be released where you can play fun games and earn snowflakes ❄️. The games you see may vary wildly both by game type and difficulty!

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Weekly Recap: February 20th – 26th

Hewwo Ice Warriors!

Welcome back to another weekly recap by yours truly! I hope you have all had a great week, let’s see what announcements we have and what events we had!

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Trivia Thursday #51

Hello, hello Ice Warriors! How is everyone doing today, hope it’s been going well. Another week of Thursday and another.. you know it, Trivia Thursday! This will be the last one before March :0. Before we start our Trivia Thursday, let’s congratulate Melonz on getting all the questions correct! Without further waiting, let’s see last week’s answer and this week’s question:

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Q&A: Let’s finally end this, creamy or crunchy peanut butter?

Ice Warriors…

Today’s Q&A topic is dangerous for me to bring up, but I wanted answers. So, although my life may be in danger, I will find out who has good opinions (creamy > crunchy) and who has bad ones (crunchy > creamy)! Some of you may already know, but Kally and I have had an ongoing disagreement about peanut butter (sounds silly, I know) but who will be the true winner of this fight? Am I going to be demoted again? That is what we will be finding out today!

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Weekly Recap: February 13th – 19th

Hey there Ice Warrior Family!

I hope you all had a great week as we prepared for the AUSIA Arena Finals against RPF! Which event was your favourite, check out the post and let us know in the comments!

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Fan Art Friday #55

Happy Friday Ice Warriors!

How’s everyone this week? Hope it’s been going well. If you’re having exams soon, good luck! Anyways, as you can see from the title it’s time for another Fan Art Friday. I’ve been seeing a lot of artworks currently, let’s see some of them and interview the artists!

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Trivia Thursday #50

Well hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a lovely day today. Today is a special Thursday, join me as I welcome you to the 50th edition of Trivia Thursday. Yes, this is indeed the 50th Trivia Thursday article for the Ice Warriors, it’s amazing to see how Trivia Thursday has evolved over the months. Before we get started today, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Cloudy for getting almost every question right. What were the previous week’s answers? They can be found below:

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February 2022 – Better Igloos

Happy Valentines Day Ice Warriors! CPR has given us a little Valentine’s gift; the Better Igloos catalog! This year I’m spending time with my Puffle friends and having lots of snacks with them! Speaking of Puffles, there’s lots of Puffle-themed furniture in this catalog so let’s waddle right in shall we?


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