Q&A: Let’s finally end this, creamy or crunchy peanut butter?

Ice Warriors…

Today’s Q&A topic is dangerous for me to bring up, but I wanted answers. So, although my life may be in danger, I will find out who has good opinions (creamy > crunchy) and who has bad ones (crunchy > creamy)! Some of you may already know, but Kally and I have had an ongoing disagreement about peanut butter (sounds silly, I know) but who will be the true winner of this fight? Am I going to be demoted again? That is what we will be finding out today!

Of course, the best way to do this will be interviewing a few UNBIASED people their opinions on this topic. And guys, I swear this time I won’t just call every single person that disagrees with me biased ok?? This is 100% probably a bias-free post!

The feeling between us is not mutual but I still love you creamy peanut butter!

The first person I wanted to interview was a doctor! You may be asking Chevy what is wrong with you why would you ask a doctor?? But hear me out before you do that. I don’t know many doctors, but I do know someone with “Dr” in their name… DrQueen! DrQueen is super smart and stuff so she must have some type of opinion on this right? So I asked her the following:

Hey DrQueen, which is healthier for you? CREAMY or CRUNCHY peanut butter? She was not pleased with my question BUT I got an answer nonetheless.

DrQueen: Ain’t they the same thing? :DEAD:I mean, I just looked it up for you you dumbo and I found that they are basically the same thing but crunchy is just slightly healthier than creamy.

That is a cheap point! I don’t even want to count that point because it’s so cheap, but I’ll count it anyway. 1 point for crunchy, 0 for creamy. Now, let’s gloss over that really quick because it was super embarrassing!

For our next question, I will be asking multiple people their opinion instead of one because DrQueen is obviously biased against me. So, I asked 10 people (Melonz, Purple, Queen Anna, Sirgon, Mysterious, Icy, Chezy, omer, Subster, and Suation) “Do you like CREAMY or CRUNCHY peanut butter more?” The results are below:

Obviously, creamy peanut butter won this round. That means they are tied 1-1. One more trial and we will have our final answer, you better be ready Kally!

I was out of ideas for trials because I was sure creamy would have won the first 2 and I mean how many questions can you ask about peanut butter? There was only one last person I could think of to ask whose judgment could end this all…

Hey mom, which peanut butter do you favor more and why?

Chevy’s Mom: Mine is creamy because it’s smooth and is nice to bake with.

Yes, before you ask, I did actually ask my mom.

Thank you, Mom! Now we for sure know that creamy PB is the best peanut butter, winning 2-1! Take that Kally hahaha. Thank you all for reading this post, don’t forget to check #event-information for the next event! Which peanut butter do you like more? Answer in the comments!

Remember to drink some water!

pls pray I don’t get demoted

3 Responses

  1. crunchy ftw >>>>>>

    loved the post tho xD

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  2. creamy is just better

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