Trivia Thursday #51

Hello, hello Ice Warriors! How is everyone doing today, hope it’s been going well. Another week of Thursday and another.. you know it, Trivia Thursday! This will be the last one before March :0. Before we start our Trivia Thursday, let’s congratulate Melonz on getting all the questions correct! Without further waiting, let’s see last week’s answer and this week’s question:

1. False

2. Yoni

3. Tokyo Drift

4. IceQueenii1020 :elsa:(IceQueen)

5. Mine Shack (2nd room)

Before we get into the questions, if you’re able to answer all of them correctly and are the first 3, you’ll be able to get some snowflakes! From snowflakes, you can buy roles on our #🏦┃shop . These questions can range up to 5 with various questions from short answers, multiple-choice and fill in the blanks. Now, here are the questions 🔔:

1. Name the staffs that received the CP Army Veteran role recently.

2. Which CP game that we play with Silver Empire during Game Night?

A. Sled Racing   B. Dance Contest  C. Puffle Rescue  D. Pizzatron

3. Who does Cloudy BOOed👹to? (check my about me)

4. When did the Ausia Arena finals tournament occurred?

5. Icey’s _____ bagels 🥯

Do you know all of these answers? Go put your answers in the comment section, don’t forget that if you got all of them correct, you’ll get some snowflakes on your bank! Let’s see who are the first 3 :0. Don’t forget to check our events coming up #📅┃event-information and our other fun game events too, see you there. And peace out!

2 Responses

  1. 1. steph, infinite, ben + maya
    2.pizzatron game thing (D)
    3. archie
    4.sunday 20th feb
    5. burnt
    – Melonz


  2. 1. Qt Ben, Steph, Maya, Infinite
    2. Pizzatron 3000
    3. Archie
    4. February 20
    5. BURNT


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