Today we had another Mining Event. The Ice Warriors performed very well!

The Ice Warriors maxed sizes of 45!

Apology to the RPF

I would just like to apologize to the troops of the Rebel Penguin Federation. The threats I made towards the nation of the Rebel Penguin Federation were rash and completely unnecessary. The RPF is an army I love and an army which I have dedicated an unprecedented amount of time recruiting for and leading for. I would never want to hurt the well-being of RPF, nor would I want to destroy the legacy that me and other RPF Legends including Elmikey helped build.


[USA] Training on Husky

Hey IW,

DrMatt IW Leader here and today we had a fantastic event! We logged on the server Husky. We had a pretty good chat size of 40+ and we had a pretty good event.

Max: 30+


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Some People Just need Help

Do you have anything better to do than trying to edit/manipulate pictures screenshots xat?

Try harder next time bud!

[USA] Recruiting Session on Blizzard

Hey Ice Warriors, today we had a Recruiting Session on the server Blizzard.

Maxed: 40

Averaged: 35


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RPF Leaders Are Disgusting

One of the RPF’s leaders has been caught offering nudes to Ice Warriors owners. So much for fighting the good fight…

[USA] Training Session on Husky

Hey Ice Warriors, today we had a Training Session on Husky. Tactics were almost perfect and formations were great. Size was decent, keep it up Ice Warriors! It’s going to be our Summer.

Max: 28

Average: 25

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