Today we had another Mining Event. The Ice Warriors performed very well!

The Ice Warriors maxed sizes of 45!

Apology to the RPF

I would just like to apologize to the troops of the Rebel Penguin Federation. The threats I made towards the nation of the Rebel Penguin Federation were rash and completely unnecessary. The RPF is an army I love and an army which I have dedicated an unprecedented amount of time recruiting for and leading for. I would never want to hurt the well-being of RPF, nor would I want to destroy the legacy that me and other RPF Legends including Elmikey helped build.


[USA] Training on Husky

Hey IW,

DrMatt IW Leader here and today we had a fantastic event! We logged on the server Husky. We had a pretty good chat size of 40+ and we had a pretty good event.

Max: 30+


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Some People Just need Help

Do you have anything better to do than trying to edit/manipulate pictures screenshots xat?

Try harder next time bud!

[USA] Recruiting Session on Blizzard

Hey Ice Warriors, today we had a Recruiting Session on the server Blizzard.

Maxed: 40

Averaged: 35


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RPF Leaders Are Disgusting

One of the RPF’s leaders has been caught offering nudes to Ice Warriors owners. So much for fighting the good fight…

[USA] Training Session on Husky

Hey Ice Warriors, today we had a Training Session on Husky. Tactics were almost perfect and formations were great. Size was decent, keep it up Ice Warriors! It’s going to be our Summer.

Max: 28

Average: 25

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Ice Warriors vs RPF [Mini Battle]

*don’t count this to our top ten score @cpac*

Today the troops logged on for a mini battle with the RPF, and bots showed up! We fought in what turned into an absolute slugfest. For 30 minutes both the Ice Warriors and RPF did everything they could to fight off the bots. The true size of the Ice Warriors could not be shown due to many being locked out, but I feel that the Ice Warriors could’ve eclipsed 30+ for sure.

We maxed sizes of 20+

Sizes of 20+