Training results

Today we had a training session, that turned into a raid.  When we logged on we found UMA on Sub Zero and fought them. We chased them around the Town, Snowforts, and Plaza, which was actually pretty good training.  And Later on, we finnaly made a Phalanx Fomation, shown in the pictures below.

I hope to use this tactic in the future, as it is more complex and threatening then a single line.



The Dictatorship is Coming

Iceyfeet Edit: If you cant get on IW chat, then go to .

The RPF are now marching to Sub Zero to atempt to take our home capital. We will not stand for such a dictatorship to even invade the USIW Nation. We will defend Sub Zero at all costs. RPF will soon realise what happens when you mess with the Ice Warriors. Sub Zero will and always will remain an IW server, and after RPF loses on Sub Zero, we will release the World Power, and reclaim our nation from the RPF. Here is the info:

Where: Sub Zero, Town

When: Sunday, August 1st

Eastern: 2:45 P.M.
Central: 1:45 P.M.
Mountain: 12:45 P.M.
Pacific: 11:45 A.M.
UK: 7:45 P.M.


War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

IW takes Thermal.

Hey guys, we have won thermal , that is all i have to say and a few more things. This was the first battle since…. i think a year, that we split up. YES SPLIT UP. During the battle, half of IW faught UMA and half faught RPF.

Now, RPF and UMA think they win…. thats just… a fail statement… im sorry but its the truth. Here are some pictures and a video.

The 2nd Group takes on UMA and we sure a clear victory.


The Battle has been taken completly to Forest, or was it?


Now, during the battle at forest, i didnt get many pics because I was not there, another minor division, Group 3. Heres a video on what Group 3 did.

Also, I have no idea why there we people in  Nachos, and ACP uniform. Im sure RPF didn`t call them in.  Anyways, IW captured the rooms, then we kept RPF and UMA occupied at Forest. Meanwhile THAT happened, RPF was “re-capturing” their OWN land.

Rpf say its there invasion… yet…. if i am correct, IW posted RPF WON <<<<. And, your post said.. “Defence of Thermal”.  As i may think, it was an IW invasion even though Artic posted a defence… he was mistakin, lol.

But, IW Group 2  followed RPF at town and Snowforts, so they did not claim those two rooms. IW claimed ours in the vid and Town and Snowforts. Idk what RPF claimed, since its there own land. To me, IW won. UMA and RPF put up a GREAT fight, but IW won. It was one of the messiest battles i have ever been to.


~Gill1097 IW 4ic~

RPF win the first 3.

Edit: Here are some pics of us chasing RPF, but then… the end pic… is well… wtf? And there were yellow tuba people running around cp…. It was definetly a chaotic battle lol.

IW chase RPF to IceBurg

Chased to Snowforts, there were alot of others but i didnt take pics

Here... IW logged off and then came back and... well ... wtf?


Yes guys, the title says it. RPF won the first 3 defences. But, when i say that… it sounds like we got beaten in combat? No actually, we didnt get beaten. We got outsmarted and we underestimated RPF for who they can be. For the first time in a LONG time, IW got 35+ on cp. So how did we lose? Well… we were way TOO big. That sounds a little weird, but let me explain.

The RPF didnt show up with much at all. About 5-10 RPF scattered around the server. While the Ice Warriors scouted for them all around, we kept finding them and they kept running. When Rpf was no longer in sight, IW went to town and recruited. 5 minutes later we log off. Then, an IW told me, that RPF are taking rooms? Apparently, RPF did take 6 major rooms, right under our noses. This may seem like a cheap victory for RPF, but its a victory that counts. Sadly enough IW lost  because we got outsmarted. You guys were good on cp and we owned. But we just didnt have the brains.

But now, we will not be outsmarted again. From now on, were gonna be more cautious with the RPF. Even if we have 30 and RPF have 10, we will stay on.  Also, later on next week, we will be invading Parka and Thermal again (info to be posted later). You guys did good but we lost.

Dont be mad because IW was the best i have ever seen this month. Dont forget that we also have more events in the post above this one.


~Gill1097 IW4ic~


Events happening soon


Since the other post was getting kinda crazy I’m making this one with up coming events. 


to Practice for the Legends Cup, we will be doing some training. This is VERY important,  so I want to see almost everyone there.

DATE: Saturday, July 31st



2 PM Central

1 PM Mountain


8 PM U.k.


Legends Cup/Recruiting Session/Multiple Defenses


Hello, Artic here. We will be participating in The Legends Cup. 

(From CPAC and ACP sites)

CPA Central has often been accused of not including all armies, just the big ones. Well we are going to change this now.

In co-operation with Oagalthorp (No attempted calls of bias please.. o.o), CPA Central will be hosting a tournament called the Legends Cup.

Something on this scale has not really been trialled before in Club Penguin warfare, and it is bordering on the real life world cup.

12 days of tournament action. 40 armies. Game on.

The details are as follows:

(Click to enlarge)

Due to the number of armies, the undisputed four strongest armies ( ACP, Nachos, Golden Troops, & Ice Warriors ) will be automatically placed in Round 2, while the remaining armies will have to fight it out in the Prelims. From there, it’s a standard tournament bracket. What will happen each day is shown in Section 3.

Starting August 2nd, ending the 14th.

Day 1: Alpha, Round 1

Day 2: Bravo Round 1

Day 3: Alpha Round 2 ( 4 of 8 )

Day 4: Bravo Round 2 ( 4 of 8 )

Day 5: Alpha Round 2 (Second 4)

Day 6: Bravo Round 2 (second 4)

Day 7: Alpha Round 3

Day 8: Bravo Round 3

Day 9: Quaterfinals

Day 10: Semi-Finals

Day 11: 3rd Place Playoff


Day 12: Championship Final


  1. Specially selected, unbiased judges will be selected by CPA Central. They will be unbiased. (See Judging System below)
  2. Each battle will last 30 minutes, minus the Championship Round and 3rd Place Round, which will both last one hour.
  3. Each battle will take place in the Snow Forts, Town, and Plaza. If any fighting occurs outside of this area, it will not be counted towards the results.
  4. No joke bombs. Joke bombs suck. Seriously.
  5. No bots, no cheating, no spying, etc.
  6. No allies.

Judging System

The following people have been selected to be judges for the battles in the 12 day tournament.

  1. Iasgae56
  2. Oagalthorp
  3. Jet
  4. Sofia011 (Will only be judging battles that take place in the side of the draw in which IW is not involved)
  5. Flipper(Will only be judging battles that take place in the side of the draw in which GT are not involved)
  6. Saiyaman(Will only be judging battles that take place in the side of the draw in which GT are not involved)

Yeah this may fail, but you never know unless you try, it could be epic. Maybe.

(end of CPAC post)

We will put all the battles that we will be fighting in at the top of the post. These battles will be CRUCIAL for our Army’s status, and next promotion day we will be thinking of who came…

The events will be August 2nd-14th. Please try your best to come to the all!

Also, on Thursday we will have a mass recruiting.

When: Thursday, July 29th


Eastern: 2:00 P.M.

Central: 1:00 P.M.

Mountain: 12:00 P.M.

Pacific: 11:00 A.M.

UK: 7:00 P.M.






Victory Against RPF/ Recruiting Session

Gill1097 Edit: Hey guys, We havent made a post about the Sub Zero successful defence so here are a few pics on it. And below are some RPF pics (FULL PICTURES).

The Beginning (Town)

Mid Way (iceburg) Comment for the iceburg tipperz lol

GT retreat to town after failing to capture Dock.

GT pretty much log off. IW wins

Club Penguin EXTRA will be opening on Monday, July 26th! Make sure to check it out at !

Due to the fact RPF used Nachos to help them out, we automaticaly won the battle of Thermal. RPF will think they still own it, so in the near future we will have to do a second invasion. For now, we can safely say Theraml if ours. This post will soon be edited with pictures proving that we won.

The Beginning of the Battle

Mid Way

Then The End

Also, we will be having a MAJOR recruiting session. This event will be known as an MAE. A “MAE” is a Must Attend Event. From now on, in order to get promoted you must attack at LEAST 3 MAE’s per month. Usualy there will be at least 5 MAE’s, so it wont be hard to attend 3. Also, in order to get promoted you must remain ACTIVE and attend other events besides the MAE’s. Now here is the information for the MAJOR recruiting session:

Where: Christmas, Town

When: Thursday, July 29th


Eastern: 2:00 P.M.

Central: 1:00 P.M.

Mountain: 12:00 P.M.

Pacific: 11:00 A.M.

UK: 7:00 P.M.



War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Club Penguin EXTRA

Club Penguin EXTRA is a CP army news site that is run by myself and Eyes2. We are currently looking for staff to help us with the site. You can be in ANY army or you could be a retired army soldier. The website is:

The spots will go quickly, so make sure to check it out fast! The site will be opened this weekend!

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234