Hi guys, sorry I haven’t been as active, but apparently I have to go meet my grandparents in the Caribbean or something, and I’ve just been busy packing. School is soon, and I need a little time off, so the event that’s today is the last event I’ll be attending in 2 weeks. Also, I would like to apologize that I may seem useless. I think I got IP banned on CP, so GG to that. lol kbai

Oh Dear, The Dorito Amateurs

I can’t help but laugh. DCP NOOB OWNERS 2K16

You guys have just signed your own death certificate.



-Andrew24 IW Main Leader

72 Hour Banned [Andrew24 Captured]

Um so i logged onto ice berg and noticed that silverburgs autotyping penguin wasn’t saying anything so I decided to talk to him and try to warn him over CP.

I got him to check RPF chat and the next thing I know is that i’m 72 hour banned on my main account. All I said was “Check chat” and I ended up getting banned. How is that a justified Ban???? I could of been talking about the cp chat! Silver didn’t even get banned when he said Team RPF, but I did once i said check chat. Seems legit.


For Chip


First of all thanks for replying to my post and somewhat explaining why you think it’s trader raiding your events. However your suspicion of Trader is absolutely WRONG.

1.  Yes I know that sometimes troops go around talking a bit of smack, but there’s a difference between talking smack to each other over a battle and flat-out going to our chat constantly bullying and breaking our chat rules. This isn’t the first time that I’ve had one of your troops come to my chat and start something. I wouldn’t mind at all if your troops just came to our chat and say something along the lines of “Hey, we’ll beat you today” or “We’ll totally crush you!”. If anything it’ll just motivate us to try harder against you guys. But coming to the chat and literally swearing and picking on certain troops is not only obnoxious but extremely immature.

2.  Bot raids were happening all last week and even during the tournament before IW got eliminated. Not to mention everyone in IW has a patched script, so it’s not anyone in IW. We autotype now.

Thanks for apologizing though.

Signing off,

-Andrew24 IW Main Leader

Warning to the Water Vikings

For the past few days WV has been nothing but hostile toward IW for no reason at all. You have pointed fingers at us for “raiding” your events when we have nothing to do with it. I have been friendly toward you guys unlike the past yet you’re still being dicks. I am done taking shit from you, and will no longer consider being your allies. If you continue talking behind our backs and accuse us of  everything that has been going down recently in the community there will be hell to pay. I am the last leader in this community you want to mess with, I guarantee that.

That is all for now,

-Andrew24 IW Main Leader

Above All


For the past few days I have been unable to recruit due to me not having a recruiting script on my computer. I will be obtaining one later today and that is when we will all work together to build this army from the ashes and to former glory. Only teamwork will get us to the top, you can’t just rely on a single person. Life doesn’t work that way and neither does armies. I have always ran my armies as a team and i’ll continue to do that. Not everyone has a script and I am well aware of that. However, everyone can pitch in and download an autotyper or even recruit people from xat if you wish. As long as you recruit we will be fruitful and prosperous together.

I will be making sure everyone plays a part in this generation or you will be simply demoted or fired from your position. It is up to you.

We will begin our movement on Monday!

-Andrew24 IW Main Leader

So it Goes On

Earlier today we faced the Golds Army in the Legends Cup Tournament. Sadly I wasn’t able to attend and we ended up losing. I feel bad for not being able to attend, I believe we could of easily beat the Golds if we all showed up but that wasn’t the case. However this allows us to focus on something even better and a lot more fun in my opinion and something that can’t be judged by biased people in this community. We’ll be expanding on the map very soon.

-Andrew24 IW Main Leader

The Beginning of a Empire


Ice Warriors Have Acquired Land And It’s Ony The Beginning, We Will Prove that We are The Strongest Army Out There! 


Welcome Mittens, Sasquatch and Snow drift to our empire! This is only the start.