Above All


For the past few days I have been unable to recruit due to me not having a recruiting script on my computer. I will be obtaining one later today and that is when we will all work together to build this army from the ashes and to former glory. Only teamwork will get us to the top, you can’t just rely on a single person. Life doesn’t work that way and neither does armies. I have always ran my armies as a team and i’ll continue to do that. Not everyone has a script and I am well aware of that. However, everyone can pitch in and download an autotyper or even recruit people from xat if you wish. As long as you recruit we will be fruitful and prosperous together.

I will be making sure everyone plays a part in this generation or you will be simply demoted or fired from your position. It is up to you.

We will begin our movement on Monday!

-Andrew24 IW Main Leader

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