Divisional PB vs Crimson Guardians! [EU/US]


Today we logged on Klondike for an amazing and classic divisional battle, Polar vs Blizzard. This time our invited army was….. Crimson Guardians! After two rooms of battling + one extra room for a 1vs1 divisional, the battle ended with a victory of Blizzard! Congratulations!!!

Max: 55

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Q and A: Is Kally’s hair really worth $300?!?!?!?

Happy Wednesday Ice Warriors,

Ask yourself this, Have you ever had that moment where you are sipping your beverage, and the most random questions popped into your head? Well, you are not alone, because that is Fusion and Maya every night in the main chat. So, I asked them some of the questions they had for any IW staff/HCOM! Find down below to see what they asked and the responses!

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Troop & Staff Member of the Week: 31st November 2020

What’s Up Ice Warriors!

Another week, new events, amazing memories and of course our weekly Troop and Staff of the Week!

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Celebration Ice Day! + HoF Inductions [EU/US]

Happy Day Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Sub Zero, our capital server, for an amazing celebration! This time we practiced many tactics, bombs and formations! Thanks for everyone who stayed to this long event until the end.

Max: 57

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Get to Know IW: Shinde

Cześć Ice Warriors!

This week I waddled along to a beautiful igloo, slightly farther away on the Advisors island. Many of you know her already, our beautiful former leader and newest IW Icon Shinde!

Shinde led the Ice Warriors for half a year and still chills out in the server to help any new troops and new staff members. Both as a leader and advisor, she is irreplaceable! Let’s get to know her a bit better, shall we?

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Ice Warriors Fall Food Festival & Food Fight!

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto CP Armies Alaska to close out November with a Food- Themed event in honor of Thanksgiving! We had a great time dressing up as our favorite foods.

The event consisted of a snowball fight in the Pizza Parlor (Team Law vs. Team Icey) We also were able to check out some of the awesome new rooms that were added for the winter time on CP Armies!

In case you missed out on the fun- check out the event photos below!

== Max: 52 ==

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Meme Monday: Icey’s Bar

Hello Ice Warriors! Welcome back to another meme Monday! Everyone knows the legendary Iceyfeet1234, but what does he spend most of his time doing? 

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Create your best Black Friday themed penguin look on any CPPS of your wish! Who’s gonna beat the queues and get the best deals! Let’s find out!



This contest will have TWO winners! One will be picked by the judges, and the second one will be chosen by community vote!

Judges: IceQueen, Rein, Tomaro, Abi, and Kala Continue reading