[EU/US] Graduation Party!

Hey Ice Warriors!

On June 20th, we logged on for a Graduation Party! Congrats to everybody who graduated, we hope you had fun!

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[AUSIA] Troop U-Lead

Hey Ice Warriors!

On June 20th we held a Troop U-Lead for our AUSIA division! It was really fun! Also give a big round of applause to Chevy, it’s her ONE YEAR IW ANNIVERSARY!!!

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Who’s Breakfast is Better? Kally’s or Iceyfeet’s?

Hello Ice Warriors! Avocados, burnt bagels, what do these have in common? They are the favorite breakfast foods of two of our leaders, Kally and IceyFeet1234! But, who’s breakfast is more favored over the other? Keep reading to find out!

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[AUSIA] Battle Training!

Hey Ice Warriors!

On June 19th, our AUSIA division had a brief training for our upcoming battles! Check out the pics below!

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Fan Art Friday #27

Why hello there, Ice Warriors,

This week has gone off strong, hasn’t it? Fun events we’ve had these past days, from the AUSIA Dance with WV, to the Blue Vs Red Showdown this Wednesday. With the upcoming annual Legends Cups XI, we need to be prepared and active to earn the victory once more.

This week’s Fanart Friday, we will be featuring some amazing art that our troops and IW Veterans made. If you are new to this, let me briefly explain. Fanart Friday is a weekly show of some of the best art that you all provide us with. If you would like to participate in next week’s FAF, make sure to post your art in the #fan-art channel, for a chance of being featured in the next post.

Without any further ado, let us proceed with this week’s featured art.

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[EU/US] Hide and Seek!

Hey Ice Warriors!

On June 18th, we logged on to CPR – Abominable for some Hide and Seek! We also practised some formations for the upcoming Legends Cup!

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Trivia Thursday #20

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you are all having an amazing Thursday! Before we start off this new edition of Trivia Thursday, please give a huge congrats to Et3rnal_Vo1d and TheNathanBoy on being the first to answer all the questions correctly from last week’s Trivia Thursday, great job! Let us move on to checking out the answers from last week’s Trivia Thursday: Continue reading

[EU/US] Colour Wars: Red vs Blue

Hey Ice Warriors!

On June 16th, the Ice Warriors split into two groups! The teams this time were Team Red and Team Blue! Who do you think won? Although we didn’t have a judge, I think Team Red took this one home :shindehehe:

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