Ice Warriors US/EU U-Lead Event

Hey there Ice Warriors,

Today we logged onto CP Armies ALASKA for an exciting U-Lead Tactics event! Troops had the chance to show their creativity by calling tactics, formations, and room changes all around the island! We hope you all loved being a 100% Totally Legit IW Leader!

In case you missed out on the fun- check out the photos below:

===Max: 50===

We loved your creativity with your funny word tactics and formations- my personal favorite was Abi G’s “A” Formation. 😉

If you are hungry for more fun make sure to attend our UNSCHEDULED PRACTICE BATTLE WITH THE TEMPLARS TONIGHT- 8PM EST! We hope to see you there ❤ ❤

Love you all,

Snails Takeover!

What’s up Warriors!

Today we logged on Northern Lights to have fun (destroying) battling the Recon Federation. With great size formations and tactics we had an awesome time. Also, we ended the event with a party at the Night Club!

Total Max: 56

Thanks for all who attended our event and make sure to check #ausia-event-information and #event-information channels for our 2 next events tomorrow!

Kings Never Die


Ice Warriors Leader

Aliens Takeover!

We come in peace.

Greetings warriors! Today we logged on Alaska for an Aliens Takeover! We practiced tactics, room switches, formations and more! Shoutout to our HCOM for helping us leading!

Total Max: 52

Thanks for everyone who came! Make sure to click #friday-event-information for our next battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation!



Ice Warriors Leader

Divisional PB with Red Ravagers

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for a divisional practice battle with our friends Red Ravagers, making it a three-way battle. The results ended with a victory for IW Polar taking the first room and making a tie in the other two rooms with our division IW Blizzard.

Total Max: 48

Make sure to check #event-information for our Mystery Event 😮 this Thursday!

Signing off,


Ice Warriors Leader

The Last Song – Ice Prom Night & Farewell Shinde

Hi Ice Warriors!

Yesterday we hosted a big party on Alaska. What was that night! The event started like always from practice some tactics then the real party started. During the Ice Prom all ice queens shone like diamonds and all ice kings looked so icey (max. 75 penguins).

Of course, during the ball there were competitions with prizes (special roles on the discord). That night you could take part in several competitions – The Best Ice Duo, The Best Ice Group, The Best Formal Outfit, Ice Prom Queen and Ice Prom King. See the results below. Congratulate to all winners!

The Best Ice Duo
(ex aequo)

Chris& Lemonade1Steph

Regan & Shinde

The Best Ice Group

Iceyfeet & his dates

The Best Formal Outfit



Iceyfeet1234 & Shinde

If you missed that amazing party on Club Penguin Armies, check pictures below and remember to congratulate winners on our discord server!

Thank you guys for coming – I coulnd’t imagine better last-leader party on Club Penguin. Big shout out to all who are not in Ice Warriors and just wanted to spend time with us. It means a lot, friends! ❤

Much love and see you around,

End of Summer Awards [Results]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Over the last 8 days us leaders have spent the time counting over 60 votes from everyone in all 11 categories and are proud to bring you guys the results!

Best Event

First Place: Monkey Event

Second Place: Flamez Golden Mop Event

Third Place: Madhav’s retirement

Best War

First Place: IW vs DCP (the one where they ran away)

Second Place: The Badboy War

Best VC Leader

First Place: Regan

Second Place: Shinde

Third Place: Alex & Lvna

Best Quote

First Place:  I was a really fat child, and then I got fatter (kally: Did you stop eating tayto sandwiches?) I said I got fat not stupid – Regan ft. Kally

Second Place: Can someone please explain to me how I joni? -Alex

Third Place: Catch these hands noobs – Iceyfeet1234


Class Clown

First Place: Chris

Second Place: Regan

Third Place: Dingleman

Brightest Bulb

First Place: Pizza gang

Second Place: Tomaro

Third Place: Da Best & Deryk

Party Animal

First Place: Regan & Flamez

Second Place: P A N I N I

Third Place: Dizzy

Biggest Simp

First Place: Mordie & Iceyfeet1234

Second Place: Aly

Third Place: Mare & Trinity

Best Allied Leader

First Place: Crazzy

Second Place: Megann

Third Place: Julia & Noa

Funniest Moment

First Place: Making DCP run out of the league

Second Place: Turning IW into Bikini Bottom

Third Place: Snail Alliance ends CPO

Proudest Moment

First Place: Winning March Madness

Second Place: Formation of BIA and Invasion of Summit

Third Place: Defeating ACP in Legends Cup

Along with this we have also decided to give out one addition award. This award will be given to one of the most loyal and trustworthy troops the Ice Warriors has ever seen. Ever since they’ve joined they’ve done their best to make the Ice Warriors as good as they could. From chilling in their pool to relaxing in their tanning bed, The Ice Warriors are proud to announce the most privileged award.


First Place: Alex

Second Place: Alexandra

Third Place: Alexxandra

Congratulations to all that were nominated and a special congratulations to the winners! Roll on Prom!

AUSIA Car Takeover

Hello Ice Warriors!

Sunday Funday time start! Today we hosted fun event on Alaska during which 36 penguins wore a blue car costume. Funny tactics, speed cars, beautiful bufflettes and handsome buffles – that’s how Ausia Ice Warriors have fun together! At the end of the event we had a car race which was won by CrazyFlame, Clindsz and CoralHopper! Congrats guys and see you tonight at the Ice Prom Night with Ice Awards Ceremony.

You cannot miss it!

Thank you guys for coming! Make sure you can come to our Prom Night – remember about formal dress-code. START AT 4PM EST!

Much love and see you around,

Shinde’s Final Battle [Practice Battle vs. RPF]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto CP Armies SUMMIT 😉 , for two reasons:
1) To have a fun practice battle with our allies, The Rebel Penguin Federation
2) To Celebrate our leader, Shinde’s Last Battle as an Ice Warrior 😦

Shinde has been a loyal Ice Warrior and an incredible leader for many many months now, making troops feel at home and loved within our army. We are going to miss her terribly. If you would like to read Shinde’s retirement post it can be found here.

Today’s battle was a great way to send Shinde off, we were able to max 81 Ice Warriors online, did a lot of fun tactics, and had a great time during the battle. In case you missed out on the fun, check out the photos below!

===MAX: 81===




Incredible job to all Ice Warriors that attended today’s battle. Thank you for supporting Shinde! Another big Thank You goes out to The Rebel Penguin Federation for battling with us! BIA FOREVER!

We truly have the best troops in the league and we are thankful for each and every one of you! Make sure you come celebrate the end of an AMAZING SUMMER with us at our AUSIA CAR TAKEOVER and US/EU ICE PROM -both Tomorrow, September 13th!

Until then- Don’t Freeze Up!

Love you all,