[SUCCESSFUL] Invasion of Blizzard

Hello, Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Slushy to invade Blizzard against the Templar’s. Here are the results: 

Max: 30

Average: 27


-Firestar IW Leader

[SUCCESSFUL]Invasion Of Sub Zero

Hello Warriors today we logged onto Slushy to invade  historical capital Sub Zero against the Templar’s here are the results!

Max: 36

~Ben IW Chancellor



Warrior Of The Week #2

The warrior of this week is….

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[SUCCESSFUL] Invasion of Tuxedo – AUSIA

Max: 14

Today we showed up to invade our first server since the Ice Warriors’ return. We started out with lightning fast tactics that made me SO proud to be an ice warrior. We defeated Sky Defenders by forfeit, but we would have won regardless with your amazing support. This was our first AUSIA event and we did very well. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!


Thank you once again for all your love and support. That’s all folks! Doggorage signing out.


Howdy Warriors

Today we logged onto Alaska for a recruiting session here are the results
Max: 28
Average: 22



~Ben IW Chancellor

February 2020 Catalog Secrets

This February, Club Penguin Online brings you… the Star Wars catalogs!

New Karen hat

Furniture Catalog

That’s all folks! Doggorage signing out.

Warrior Of The Week #1

The warrior of this week is MertxDD! Thank you for having so much enthusiasm and going the extra mile for the Ice Warriors. We’ve seen how you’ve grown over the past week in recruiting and highly appreciate your help. Congratulations. Please give a shout out to MertxDD when you do see him/her