Welcome to the Parents Page.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a member of the Ice Warriors or a parent/guardian of an Ice Warrior. Our goal since we’ve taken over here is to ensure that the Ice Warrior chat box and website are safe for children of all ages to use. I’ve created this page to explain to you what we do and why I believe we are a good experience for your child to participate in.

What are the Ice Warriors?

The Ice Warriors are Club Penguin Army. We are a group of people ranging from the ages of 8-16 that work together with similar groups to have a fun competitive experience on Club Penguin. It’s hard to know how many people are involved in Club Penguin Armies right now, but my personal estimate is around 400-500. Club Penguin Armies have been around since 2006. It started out as groups of people throwing snowballs on Club Penguin and developed into a community that communicates with websites and chats hosted by professional companies. Our army, the Ice Warriors, were founded in June of 2007. We are one of the oldest and the most consistent armies around.

What do we do in the Ice Warriors

In the Ice Warriors, we’re either chatting on our moderated xat chat ( ) or we’re on Club Penguin. We have several types of events. Sometimes we have practice battles with armies, or we could have a U-Lead event where we let the newer troops get to pick which tactics we do. We have troops from all over the globe. Our army is divided into three divisions. We have the US (North America) division, the UK (European) division, and the AUSIA (Australia and Asia) division. Each division has its own events on weekdays and on the weekends we have events that are meant to be suitable for the majority of troops to attend. You can best figure out how the Ice Warriors work by seeing our events, chatting with us, and looking around our website.

What will my child be exposed to?

I am sad to say that I can not guarantee our troops will not be exposed to inappropriate language. The Ice Warriors have recently become one of the most strict armies rule-wised. Our highest ranks have the ability to appoint moderators who will help enforce the chat rules. We usually have around 10 owners and 20 moderators on the ranks. We here at the Ice Warriors understand how frustrating Club Penguin can be for some users with the constrictive chat filter. People at our chat are allowed to speak freely as long as they do not break our rules. We usually have a three strikes and you’re out policy. Two kicks and a ban. Our bans range from 1 hour to forever.

How can my child benefit?

Club Penguin Armies, similarly to Club Penguin, are very social. You can go to different armies, speak with new people, and make new friends. Here are some examples of what we encourage here in the Ice Warriors.

  • Awareness of global events
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship
  • Grammar

Who runs the Ice Warriors?

Here is a quick summary of the leadership of the Ice Warriors.

Every single Ice Warrior high-rank has been around for at least 2 years. They are all well trained and know how to enforce the rules. They know my goal is to improve the Ice Warriors for the better and to make us a fun, educational experience for all ages. I know the advantages that Club Penguin Armies can offer kids from personal experience. I have been around for almost four years and seen many good friends and people go. The great thing is that I can make new friends and help new people out. It’s been a bumpy ride and I’ve sure enjoyed it. I am more than sure most children could too.

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