Promotion Day/Army News/Soldier of the Week

Iceyfeet Edit: Happy Easter! Also Rugrat, a long long long long long long long long… well a long time ago, we had a soldier of the week  and we had a page for it to see all of the soldiers of the week, to keep track. Ill make a page later on and have everything on it.

Hey guys Rugrat here with Promotion Day. Icey and me were thinking of having a promotion day this week and what better day to have then on Easter.




Orange-In danger of being Demoted

Leader- Iceyfeet1234

2nd in Command- Flippers7, Sriv(Snowrunt)

3rd in Command- Rugrat93, Playa123, Rockinator1


4th in Command- Gjh, Escargo, Rexx49136

Senior Warriors (Warriors over 1 year  old)- Hillman, Filppers7, Penguin23800094, Icey1450, Mindyellie, Plumshake, Mr. Drumline, and Iceburgh24

Lieutenant General- Indigoflare, Aln007, Akaboy123

Head General-Sokka25, Ramz3000, Soccerfan8

Major General- Andrew24


Colonel- Chodanblue, Aan10, Wicket1235, ArcticSledder, Polarpen98

Head Major- Zeke1, Big Goonie, Person1233, Pengyster48, Spartanate, Maddy4, Soccerpr, Jim456, Pete852, Wasablix, Bottlefanta

Major- Potatoes4, Pringle64, Yungtj83, , Oboe123

Captain- Satch, HeadPolice, Tilgen, Puckley, Batista1882, Ltshaqcena10, Froogly, Jedimaster17, Foxtails, Red7227, Pengaflop, Laxdude43, Chriseton, Snowrunt555, Mango90, Purpur522, Clumsy6, Dogy4

Marshall- Mo Mo1357, Eddie1675, Spongie555, King Kinz 10, Motor20, Skippy903, Magoo98

Lieutenant- Idsi, Jet Nugget, Choco late9, Bloobloo1, Cats2525, Weamer, Samuel1000, Target1000, Yankees225, Chantell, Benu2, Mr Champ2,Therinator1, Howddy Yall, Tone739, Chapa23, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Mr Sleek10, Holsters1, Wurburt45348, Rice44, Webber30, Frostbite375, Alexrodrigus

Warrant Officer- Klimster, Policeman558, Candyboy8, Saint1119, Thebest22, Bluebunny7, 1kingdonut, Coolkid4040, Kprocks1, Maxwolf101, Jingle Jay, Glerkk

Sergeant- Pugsrock40, Claymcnabb, Browser128, Penguin70735761, Mr. Mario4, Money123432, 123nico26, Muzzy Jr, 77hockey, Bammarenga3, Hawk Nelly, Dhfd, Ninja4778, Roald8, Solraida, Percaso, Hulkstir24, Balloon451, Raven511426, Agent Cool Y, Redblast1000, Cap79, Dylan5001, Fresca39, Conno11, Crazy Tow, Rockonchiro, Suelily, Aberacer, Moon Person, Marchofthepe, Love4life5, Bad Lizard, Aggie Bomber, ACP Warrior, Mmaattss, Mixing Red, Gangiel, Monkey AP, Ryancrying12, Oberst543, Tuxedo Man47, Ads354

Corporal -Scoobymad, Fogdude, Pinngmass, Blue102,Flaming pie, Timeboy07, Berry0119, Tizzletime, Hohji08, Marchmellowo0o, Squattyblue, Realplayer7, Ikumiku, Nate95000, Unicow, Cpt Sulkes, Digby8, Skylanne, Pmc08, Slimy102, Sgt. Paul Jackson. Kansas234, Aqwarium, Cutypop1, Tapdancer36, Liamae, Maxy8899, Toyo789, Ipod263, Lovesong3, Kaerine25, Sangi99, Khalgar1, Harry999, Bart Bo29, Happyface141, Denethor, Wolves25, Speek, Srappy, Sparckles9571, Saihaj1, Pieman9091, Penor343, Obione4321, Zippywaddler, Rowks, Mgmbl311, Leamae108, Fiasco 121, Joe38, Grabes31, Feephill, Youg3, Person535, Twigtig, Brifcore, Kknd444, Qazplmks3, Sugar123, Togglery66, Wohoo10, Olafe479, Ramone 6 18, Scrappy, Micah Icah, Dannywsa1998, Amitc87, John16126, Thomas0270, TotalN00b, Elwoodblues3, Bluey92123, Slobbysnake, Man300, Vio789, 4996Dexter, Wmb98, Dx Man9,Blueblacky34

Private- Note: Recruits start here-Redbunny7. Cyrt10, Axevolution, ACP Penguin, Bonez1504, Leoblue33, Icey Lava, 1lday998, Dogboy355jr, Dexter Love, Big Pery, Hosj9123, Boldog1245, Tj1315, Trooper7890, Quacker66, Bxmr11, ACP Guy, Hamie111, Kean73, Spongebam, Matt, Djtcool1, Tinyfinn, Sordman456, Billionfold, Kjacques, Mr Loko, Excoolstartz, Hond887, Speedyjason9, Wgfv, Gluglucute, Cutiecassie3, Apocolypse66, Sheepman, Tman685, Tigerman437, Aybaybay2020, Jmax09, Flapjack, Dan Solo, Arwen50507, Spyboy112, Bleu Missy, Ponchon, Mansuper3, Acer123, Berdbrain, Metal Box, Deco539, Takeda95, Zim66, Thomas0270, Gavadi22, Superdaisy24, Magic777, Rabo4, Stev71, Magic077, Jennings27, Kakashi781, Josh9123, Schwaz2, Alexrodrigus, Bryancool45, Bedamon6, Tgpcds, Bobby66276, Icemen, Freepro, Edge126, Lety2, Jimmy325jr, Goofyh2obird, Scar4826, Red Team5454, Bingster, Brendnai7, Pujolsfan3, Xgirl313, Ninja Shodow, Shawnster3, Penguin66671235, Danny24418, Hi Yellow Hi, Harvin13, Raichu5, Is Be, Waddly2571, Jaguarjoce00, Kingblackeye, Warriorii, Blocparty97, Kirk743, Maxi96206, Katelin656

If you think you deserve to be promoted leave a comment with your name and your reason. And if your not in the ranks leave a comment aswell with your cp name. For all of the people that got promoted congratz on the promotion and keep being active. For the rest that either got demoted or just didnt get promoted try to be more active and come on chat more.

Army News

Ice Warriors:  We just recently got out of War with Black Bandits and Golds. Also had our old website deleted by Dan with some help from Flippers. Ever since the war with Black Bandits and Golds we’ve gotten more recruits and views.

Nachos: Challenged any army out there to a Practice Battle. Ended up having a Training Session because no one showed up to fight them xD.

ACP: Were thinking about going to War with Golds because of some issues they’ve been having with them. Besides that nothing is going on with them.

RPF: Their Leader Commando retired and announced Mat(Dragoninja0) as RPF’s new leader. Ended up coming back to do a few things that he needed to do before retiring.

UMA: Invaded Tuxedo alongside RFW to claim it back but decided to give it back to RPF. Were also thinking about going to war with golds for no reason.

If you want your army to be featured on Army News leave a comment with the link to your army.

Soldier of the Week

I was looking at the WW site and saw that they were going to start posting a Soldier of the Week. I decided that was a good idea so now here I am posting the Soldier of the Week.


The reason why I picked Aka boy123 is because he comes to almost all of our battles/wars. He is a nice soldier that is very comitted to this army. Although he may not follow orders some times I think he will always stay loyal to this army. Congratz Aka, and keep up the good work.

~Rugrat Ice Warriors 3rd in Command~

Edit by Rugrat: Since we have a new site we dont really have a lot of sites in our blogroll. If you want to be in our blogroll summit a comment with your army name and link to the site.

Hey Guys

Hey everyone. It’s Playa here, and with this turn of events, I’d like to

  1. Thank Klimster, for giving us the site back.
  2. Welcome back Rock, Flip, and Sriv back

All the ranks are back, and will soon be updated. Great job yesterday guys!


~~Liberty’s Warrior~~

Greetings Ice Warriors!

The old website was deleted. So for now, this is the new one.


PS. if IW can’t get the old one back… Icey is gonna change the email and make him the main administrator on this site.


Well, just as we thougt we were alive again, we were wrong. Even though the invasion was delayed by one mere hour, that is no excuse yto not come at all. It is 2:10 as i am writing this, and by now, we should have already invaded two servers. We only have 3 IW people on. Yes, this was spread enitirely through the chat; but now, I am rescheduling it so you can’t have an excuse. Here are the new times:

Where: To be told on chat

When: Sunday, April 12






1 if you can make it, 2 if you can’t, 3 if you don’t know.

And you know what, a lot of people were on at 1:30 but all left at 1:55. That is really pathetic, and I am so disappointed. I’m sorry Icey.


~~Liberty’s Warrior~~