Trivia Thursday #70

Hi Ice Warriors!

We may have witnessed two recent retirements of both Iceyfeet1234 and Kally, but it opened the door for a new face to make their debut into IW leadership, and it’s none other than Levelz, IW’s famous pika. As you can see, we’re very excited to see what Levelz can bring for the future generations of the Ice Warriors. Before we get to witness IW’s new leader in action, let’s go take a look at the newest edition of Trivia Thursday, the 70th edition. We can start off by congratulating our previous Trivia Thursday winners, Mogi and Hiro, and by showing the correct answers of that Trivia Thursday:

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The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Sub Zero, August 13th, 2022

They say if you want to tell a story right, you gotta start at the beginning.

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Trivia Thursday #69

Hey Ice Guardians! With the recent retirement of our Leader IceyFeet1234 and our Leader Kally who is going to be retiring soon, we all have been shocked, you both will be dearly missed. But Ice Warriors must keep the show going on, so, that is why I present you with the 69th edition of the Trivia Thursday! Before jumping into today’s Trivia Thursday, let us take look at the winners of our last Trivia Thursday, congrats to DelightedGOYAL, Zen_Hiro and silverboy2018 on getting all the answers correct from our last Trivia Thursday! Here are the answers from the questions of the last Trivia Thursday:

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Retirement of Iceyfeet1234

Ten years ago, on June 3rd, a certain someone wrote…

After 5 long years as leader of the Ice Warriors, this day has finally come. I, Iceyfeet1234, leader of the Ice Warriors, am retiring today, June 3rd, 2012.

But he never really left, did he? Now here we are in 2022, looking at yet another retirement. It is fair to say that he has influenced so many lives (#influencer). So this post is our gift for you Icey, from your leaders, staff, veterans, allies, and most importantly, friends. Continue reading

Sunday Funday #33

Heya Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a nice Sunday. We are back once again to bring you another edition of Sunday Funday. This will be the 33rd edition of Sunday Funday, hopefully this one will be pretty fun. Well anyway, you get the deal with how these work by now, but if not, then I’ll gladly explain.

Every Sunday, a new post will be released where you can play fun games and earn snowflakes ❄️. The games you see may vary wildly both by game type and difficulty!

Alright, let’s go take a look at what games are prepared today.

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Q&A: A New Competition in IW..

Hello Ice Warriors!

Hope everyone is currently having a fine day, as most of us already know Legends Cup is coming up soon and we’re having a war with Magma Clan where we’ll be battling and invading lands. This is a big thing for IW and a big challenge for the leaders, what do they think to help IW have a big possibility in winning? Let’s find out 👇

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Sunday Funday #32

What’s up Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a splendid start to your week. If you aren’t, then I have the perfect thing for you. I’m back with another edition of Sunday Funday with this being the 32nd edition. I wonder what will be presented to us here. Before we get any further, I’ll gladly explain how these work.

So every Sunday, a new post will be released where you can play fun games and earn snowflakes ❄️. The games you see may vary wildly both by game type and difficulty!

Okay, let’s take a look at what games we have prepared today.

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Trivia Thursday #67

Hello Ice Warriors!

It’s time for another Trivia Thursday this week, we’re having the 67th edition! Congrats to Cloudy & Delighted on getting all (some) of them right 👏. Don’t forget that you can get snowflakes by just answering the trivia questions, but make sure they’re correct. Before we get into this week’s questions, let’s see what are the answers for last week’s Trivia Thursday.

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