Trivia Thursday #69

Hey Ice Guardians! With the recent retirement of our Leader IceyFeet1234 and our Leader Kally who is going to be retiring soon, we all have been shocked, you both will be dearly missed. But Ice Warriors must keep the show going on, so, that is why I present you with the 69th edition of the Trivia Thursday! Before jumping into today’s Trivia Thursday, let us take look at the winners of our last Trivia Thursday, congrats to DelightedGOYAL, Zen_Hiro and silverboy2018 on getting all the answers correct from our last Trivia Thursday! Here are the answers from the questions of the last Trivia Thursday:

1) Waterfall Bomb

2) Alu and Aiga

3) Any of these:

Sokka25/ LionP/ Gjhdhgfgkutf/ Hershey658/ Honkzo/ Polarpen98/ Ramz3000/ Funkikiflurry

4) False

5) Warrant Officer


Before we jump into today’s questions, for those who don’t already know how Trivia Thursday works, let me quickly explain it to you how it works. Basically, there will be questions which will be given every week in our Trivia Thursday article, it will contain questions like Fill in the Blanks, True and False, Multiple Choice Questions, One Word Answers etc. and if you manage to come in the top 3 people to DM all the questions correctly, then you will be rewarded with some snowflakes which you can use to buy some cool roles in #shop! Now, let’s jump into today’s questions:

1) Name 2 of our recent 4ic’s who got promoted to 3ic.

2) True or False: Staff with Staff in Training role is considered as full staff.

3) Name any one member who is having a yellow colored custom role.

4) Fill in the Blank: _______________ is one of our recent IW advisor.

5) Multiple Choice: Who has been the Leader in Training for the most time among these:
a) Ben    b) Levelz    c) Purple    d) Josh


With this, this’ll be the end of this article. If you wish to participate in our Trivia Thursday, then make sure to DM .Hunter3#4091 your answers. Also react to our upcoming events if you can attend (#🌊┃battle-vs-vikings, #🖤┃battle-vs-rebels and #💥┃kallys-retirement). See you all in the next one!



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