Trivia Thursday #69

Hey Ice Guardians! With the recent retirement of our Leader IceyFeet1234 and our Leader Kally who is going to be retiring soon, we all have been shocked, you both will be dearly missed. But Ice Warriors must keep the show going on, so, that is why I present you with the 69th edition of the Trivia Thursday! Before jumping into today’s Trivia Thursday, let us take look at the winners of our last Trivia Thursday, congrats to DelightedGOYAL, Zen_Hiro and silverboy2018 on getting all the answers correct from our last Trivia Thursday! Here are the answers from the questions of the last Trivia Thursday:

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Trivia Thursday #65

Hello once again Ice Warriors!

It’s rumored that Legends Cup is getting closer and closer. After seeing a victory in March Madness, it means that the Ice Warriors are looking forward to the opportunity to achieve a back to back streak of tournament wins. Before we get to that though, I would like to welcome you back to the game we all know and love, Trivia Thursday. And this is going to be the 65th edition. Before we get started, let’s go see what our answers were from the previous Trivia Thursday, which our lovely Trusted Staff Cloudy was able to correctly answer:

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Trivia Thursday #64

Hello Ice Warriors!

I am here back again to present you all with another edition of Trivia Thursday! This week will be the 64th edition of Trivia Thursday! Hope everyone is doing good and are excited for this week’s questions. Before hopping on to what questions we’ll be doing, I would like to congratulate Cloudy for getting all the answers correct from the last week’s questions. Here are the answers: 

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