Trivia Thursday #64

Hello Ice Warriors!

I am here back again to present you all with another edition of Trivia Thursday! This week will be the 64th edition of Trivia Thursday! Hope everyone is doing good and are excited for this week’s questions. Before hopping on to what questions we’ll be doing, I would like to congratulate Cloudy for getting all the answers correct from the last week’s questions. Here are the answers: 

1. Mogi

2. Light

3. True

4. 10

5. 15th

If this is your first time and you’re confused about what to do, I will quickly explain to you how it works. Every week an article will be posted and there will be some questions related to Ice Warriors. The questions will be in form of Fill in the blanks, True or False, Multiple choice, general questions etc. If you get all the questions correct and manage to come among the top three people to answer correctly, then you will be rewarded with some snowflakes! Now, let’s hop into this week’s questions:

1. What’s the theme of our contest that is going on currently?

2. True or False: 6 people were declared as IW Legend in our last HOF event.

3. How many winners are there for the Custom Role Giveaway each month?

4. Fill in the Blank: ____ people were declared as IW Champion and ____ were declared as IW Icon in our last HOF event.

5. In which channel does the Schedule Alert role gets pinged?


And this is going to finish up this week’s Trivia Thursday! If you wish to participate in our Trivia Thursday articles, make sure to use the comments section below and note all your answers on there. Also, remember to keep an eye on any upcoming events this week and react to our next event on Friday (#would-you-rather) if you are able to attend. Hope to see you all then!

Ice Warriors Forever!

One Response

  1. 1) Club Penguin Summer Style Contest
    2) False
    3) 2
    4) 4, 2
    5) Game-center


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