Summer 2022 Hall of Fame Inductions

Hey, Ice Warriors!

As many of you know, our 15th anniversary week just came to a closure on Sunday, June 5th with our last and final event of the week being the HoF inductions. If you don’t know how HoF works, let me explain it to you. Hall of Fame is where dedicated, hard working, and loyal HCOM & Leaders get rewarded for showing value to the Ice Warriors. Inductions are held twice a year, summer and winter. The HoF ranks consist of IW Champion, IW Icon, IW Legend, and IW Mythic! (In order from first to last) This event, we had 11 different HCOM, LITs & Leaders added/promoted into the Ice Warriors Hall of Fame! Let’s take a look at who was recently inducted…

IW Champion’s

On June 5th, 4 different HCOM & LITs were rewarded with this prestigous title. Those who were rewarded IW Champion consist of Purple, qt Ben, Josh & Clindsz!

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IW Icon’s

During the induction, we had two new faces join the exciting title, IW Icon! Congratulations to Levelz Freedomist! These 2 having been working so hard they 100% deserved this!

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IW Legend’s

IW Legend is an HoF rank, that is very hard to achieve. You must show lots of hardwork, dedication, and loyalty to the army. 3 of our current Leaders & 2 Advisors (Former Leaders) we’re rewarded this title on Sunday. Huge congratulations to Orange, LawCorazon, Kally, DrQueen & IceQueen! These 5 individuals have worked so hard throughout there time in IW.

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Congratulations to everyone who was inducted on Sunday! We are all so proud of you and appreciate the accomplishments, hard work, dedication, and loyalty you have shown to IW. Please make sure to comment on this post or ping the inductees in #main-chat to show them your love! Make sure to check out #event-information on our Discord server to see when the next event is being held. Until then…

Don’t Freeze Up! :iwsalute:

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