Weekly Recap: June 5 – 11

Hey Ice Warriors!

It’s already been a week since our Anniversary, can you believe it? The Hall of Fame party truly was a cherry on top of an amazing week. Let’s see what the post-anniversary week had to offer!

We have some new Hall of Famers to congratulate!

Ice Warriors Champions: Purple, Qt Ben, Clindsz, Josh

Ice Warriors Icons: Freedomist, Levelz

Ice Warriors Legends: Orange, LawCorazon, Kally, IceQueen, DrQueen

Congratulations to Mogi, who is now 4th in Command!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.


[AUSIA] Troop U-Lead

Max: 25

[EU/US] Hall of Fame

Max: 35

doogie is a confirmed troop


[EU/US] Battle Training w/ Water Vikings

Max: 17



Max: 22


[EU/US] Would You Rather?

Max: 25


[EU/US] Rainbow Pride Event

Max: 31


What a week, see you all soon!

Thank you to DrQueen, IceQueen, and Levelz for helping count the pictures!

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